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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Outdoor Notice Boards?

It’s important to cover all bases when the time comes to promote your business. You need to encourage potential customers and users to enter your premises in the first place, and however useful interior signage is in tempting people to invest in your services and products, this isn’t possible without some external signposting. This is where Outdoor Notice Boards can come in handy.

External advertising becomes so easy when you have an External Notice Board. They can work for any business and organisation – you just need to make sure you know how to get the most out of yours.

Post Mounted Noticeboards

Are You Engaging Your Local Community?

One of the primary advantages of an outdoor notice board is the sense of community it promotes. If your outdoor notice board isn’t engaging with the local community, you may as well a regular pavement sign!

Looking into outdoor notice boards is always a good way to go when you’re trying out different ways of advertising in your community. Their professional appearance and visibility in public places are just two of the benefits they can bring to your business or organisation.

Community Notice Board for Local Council

Individuals and local businesses alike should be able to achieve effective advertising through your outdoor notice board. A community notice board should have space for events, “for sale” posters and business information. Restaurants can advertise their now offers, upcoming events can reach people who mightn’t have seen their other advertisements and community classes can find new students. A healthy community notice board will be filled to the brim with messages shared within the community.

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Which Way Is Up?

While the orientation of your notice board might seem like a minor thing, there are some important considerations to make when it comes to which way up your board should go. Some designs will have condensation drainage holes and similar design features, which will not work unless they’re located at the bottom of the display.

Further orientation issues may come into play when you consider the notice board’s door. For example, a board which was designed to stand in portrait format will likely have door hinges on the left-hand side of the door. If such a notice board is rotated and mounted in landscape, the hinges will suddenly be at the top – not the end of the world, but a bit of a pain in the neck when it’s time to change the notices inside!

While rotating the board you already have rather than simply buying one in the correct orientation might seem like a no-brainer, you’ll save a lot of time and effort in the long-run by simply buying a new notice board.

3 in 1 Outdoor Notice Board Post Mounted in Blue

Is Your School Notice Board Keeping Everyone Up-to-Date?

It can be really difficult for school management to keep parents informed about happenings inside the school while managing so many individual students every day. However, if your notice board is placed in an easily-accessed spot outside your school, it’s easy for parents dropping off and collecting their children to take a quick glance at the notices.

Any events that staff members might be organising, and any unexpected days off, can easily be communicated to parents through the outdoor notice board. Many schools that host PTA (Parents Teachers Association) meetings also find this to be one of the most effective ways of letting parents know about meeting dates. School management becomes so much more manageable when the notice board is used effectively!

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How Hard Is Your Notice Board Working?

When choosing your external notice boards, there are a number of factors worth considering. Give some thought to the following tips:

  • Where are you displaying your notice board?
    As discussed above, a notice board needs to be visible and easily-accessed if it wants to do its job properly. Whatever level of weather or vandal resistance you require for your external notice board, Red 17 are bound to have something that fits the bill and works perfectly in your environment.

  • When will people view your information?
    You can extend optimum viewing conditions by considering different ways of illuminating your notices. Better lighting can add to the aesthetics of your display, while increasing the functionality of your notice board by making viewing easier.

  • What information are you displaying?
    Think about whether your information will need updated regularly, or if it can stay on the board for a long time. Are you really looking for a pin-board, or is it a snap poster frame you’re looking for? Based on your needs, you can give some thought to fixed permanent displays, fabric-covered pin boards, magnets and velcro. Consider the security and adaptability that a locking notice board can give you.

Is the Most Important Information Easily Visible?

Notice boards are great for promoting dog-walking services and parties, but they also need to clearly display vital information, like emergency contact information. It’s really important that the public has access to emergency contact information – you don’t know when it might save the day. There are a whole host of reasons why this information may have been misplaced or forgotten, whether it’s an email address or a telephone number.

Displaying emergency information on a notice board that’s clear and visible outside your building is a great way of making sure that everyone can access it.

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