Are You Using Your Notice Board and Whiteboard Efficiently?

Are You Using Your Notice Board and Whiteboard Efficiently?

The workplace is full of opportunities to communicate, but some communication just works better if it’s highlighted non-verbally. This is where lockable notice boards can come in handy. Before choosing a size for your display utility, it’s a good idea to think about how much information you’ll want to display on the board.

You hear so many different invitations, memos and announcements over the course of a day at work, it can be difficult to remember it all. The most important messages need to rise to the surface and stay at the surface, which means that emails and faxes aren’t necessarily the best way to go. A better option is good notice board, and there will be one that fits your needs no matter your price range and preferences for type and size.

Remember also that if you want to avoid people tampering with the information on display, tamperproof notice boards are a great option – but it is possible to get notice boards that are lockable or non-lockable.

A flipchart easel, lockable notice board or new whiteboard can be an invaluable tool in the office, if you use it properly. In this article, we’ll go through some useful ways to use these tools, as well as some… less useful uses.

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Using Your Whiteboard


  • use it to collaborate and come up with new initiatives.
  • use it in meetings and conferences.
  • use it to write important notices and reminders.
  • use it to communicate any non-permanent messages and ideas you need to share with your staff.

Do not...

  • use it with permanent markers – dry erase only!
  • attach images using sellotape, as the adhesive glue from the tape will ruin the whiteboard surface.
  • use it to draw insulting caricatures of your boss.

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Using Your Notice Board

Notice boards are used in schools all around the world, and for good reason. Schools have unique needs that make them the perfect candidate for a good notice board, but any other organisation can also get great use out of this vital tool.

  • Notice boards display important information.

    From job vacancies to examination results, upcoming events to class timetables, administrators in schools use their notice boards to display a wealth of useful information.

  • They can keep everyone up-to-date.

    Schools are able to ensure that everyone is on the same page by regularly posting updates and valuable information on the school notice board.

  • They can be a source of inspiration.

    Notice boards can be effective tools for inspiring and motivating students, as well as managing your admin and quotidian procedures. You could try highlighting special alumni for recognition, or celebrating the achievements of your school’s choir or debate team.

  • They can make sure everyone is informed about safety and procedures.

    Nothing is more important than keeping your students safe. By posting all important safety information in a common area, you can keep your charges informed while demonstrating to parents that you take this issue seriously.

  • They help people feel engaged.

    One idea is to put it near the entrance to your school where parents can often see it too, when they come to pick up their children. Schools of all sizes are communities. While parents, teachers and students all relish the opportunities to communicate in person, this is not always possible.

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  • use your notice board to share vital notices and messages.
  • use it to make your space look less empty and more personal.
  • use it to display timetables and organise staff.
  • use it to celebrate achievements by displaying certificates and newspaper clippings.

Do not...

  • mark the felt with ink, as it will be very difficult to clean.
  • let old notices accumulate and clutter your new messages. When you leave old fliers pinned up, people can stop noticing what is on your board.
  • use it to make a makeshift dart board.

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Using Notice Boards for Fun

If you’re trying to think of a way to boost office morale, a notice board can definitely come in handy. Try using it to showcase your employees, or set up an ‘employee of the month’ competition. Reward charts or even lucky prize draws can be a great way to motivate your employees, too. Just be sure to check that your employees are happy for you to share any information, such as photographs or birthdays, before pinning them on the board.

If you want to display motivational rewards, notice boards are a very public way to do this.

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Office Notice Board Communication

Tips for Making the Most of Your Outdoor Notice Board

Areas that see a lot of footfall are generally the best places to place a notice board, whether that’s outdoors or indoors. Try to brand your notices as much as possible so they stay in line with your school’s emblem and colour scheme, especially when it comes to messages for advertising. And you can even link things up with your website. Keep the language as simple as possible and always send a positive message about the activity.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to make them colourful and noteworthy! Be sure to include key information, such as…

  • Who parents should get in touch with to get involved.
  • When the activity is taking place.
  • The key benefits of joining in.
  • Who the activity is aimed at.

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It’s easier to attract attention if your activity advertisement features an image or two.

e sure to regularly update your notice boards. Make it a practice to check your noticeboards at least once a week and remove any fliers that are either out of date or no longer relevant. If people have seen a notice a hundred times or more they’re likely to stop noticing it, but they will notice if you post new information regularly.

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Using Your Glass Whiteboard


  • use it to brainstorm new ideas.
  • use it in the same way you’d use any whiteboard.
  • use it to present ideas for everyone to see.
  • use it for games during breaks and office parties to lighten the mood.

Do not...

  • be intimidated – it may be stylish, but it’s just a whiteboard!
  • use sticky tape on the board – again, stay away from the sticky stuff.
  • get distracted by your reflection in the smooth and shiny surface.

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Using Your Flipchart Easel


  • use it as a visual aid during presentations.
  • carry it using its travel case for ease of transport.
  • make use of its multi-functionality.
  • keep a supply of working markers.

Do not...

  • run out of flip chart paper right before the meeting.
  • expect people at the back of a room see what you’ve written if your writing is small or unclear.
  • use it as the office coat stand.

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