Becoming an Expert at Trade Shows

Your business is only going to get better at exhibiting at trade shows with a lot of work and practice, just as the case with other marketing techniques and methods. You may that you only get a very small ROI at your first trade show. However, the data and experience you gain as well could be utilised to increase the ROI for the next show by two or even three times.

In the following post we have put together a list of ten great tips that will help turn you from a trade show beginner to an expert to achieve the best results possible from future shows you attend.

Record Thorough Notes About All Leads

Make detailed notes on potential leads on your phone or computer. It’s vital to take as much information down as possible as you will potentially speak to hundreds, possibly even thousands by the time the trade show as finished.

Attend as Many Relevant Presentations as Possible

Trade shows are about more than just the vendors and businesses and their display stands. Including yours. You should try to many a point of attending as many of the relevant presentations that are put on at each trade show you are at. These talks and discussions are very entertaining and often feature experts and experienced researchers in your industry.

Take Mental and Physical Pictures of Your Favourite Exhibits

The best way to learn how to improve your own exhibit is by taking the time to look at what others are doing. Make mental notes and take pictures of displays you really like. As well as giving you an insight into what strategies rivals are employing it’ll help to keep you abreast with industry trends.

Always Follow-up with Clients and Customers

In the weeks and days before a big trade event, make sure you contact existing clients and customers and ask if they are attending that show. Use trade shows as a chance to strengthen your business relationships.

Don’t Worry If You Have Less Success Than You’d Prefer

Remember, there is no guarantee that you will experience success at every show you attend. However, you can always find positives even in those shows that don’t go as well as you’d hoped. Consider it a way to tweak and fine tune things so that you can do things differently and better at the next event.

Keep a Record of Your Experiences at Each Trade Show

By keeping a record of the experiences you’ve had at each trade show you attend you can use the information to improve and switch your approach to get better results next time. Doing this could mean that you discover mistakes you were making that result in improved sales and leads at the following event.

Make Sure Exhibits Are on Trend

If your company attends a lot of trade shows throughout the business year, you need always look for ways to tweak your exhibits to ensure they align fully with the current industry trends and the goals your company has.

Folding Display Boards

Tweak Your Trade Show Budget Each Year

It’s always difficult budgeting for a trade show when you’ve never been to one before. However, you should see it as an experience you can learn from. Use the expenses you made for your first and the results you achieved to determine how you budget future events.

Establish a Successful Trade Show Team

Each trade show you attend is a chance to gain more experience for you and your sales team. We’re not suggesting you don’t mix things up a little and let new ones attend, but always make sure you bring sales staff that have been to many events.

Make Sure You Have a Good Time

Obviously, your business is important, and you are attending to trade shows to expand and improve things. They are a lot of hard work. However, there is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy yourself at the same time.

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