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Benefits of different pavement signs

There are many different types of pavement signs that your business can benefit from. Some of the most popular, that you’ve likely seen outside of convenience stores and cafés, are swing signs and A-style board signs. These are both great pavement signs, with their own uses, but there are many more pavement signs for you to choose from. We’ve put together a quick guide to introduce you to the world of pavement signs, and why which one is the best for your business to use.

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Chalkboard signs

Chalkboard signs are popular for businesses that serve food and drinks. From restaurants to cafés and pubs, a basic chalkboard sign can be made into something amazing if you have a creative person in your team who’s willing to write on it. There’s always a budding artist around or someone with fantastic handwriting; ask them to be responsible for the board, and make sure you let them know what kind of information you’d like on it to advertise to your customers.

These boards are great because you can change their message as much or as little as you want. You can even use your business’ branding colours or go completely rainbow with the text you write on them!

Chalkboard Sign for Cafe

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A-Board signs

Commonly used in high streets because they’re less likely to be knocked into and they aren’t too expensive to replace, the A-board sign is exactly what it sounds like: A pavement sign that, from the side, looks like the letter “A”. These pavement signs are also commonly known as “sandwich boards”, possibly because they’re the exact kind of sign that many small eateries and cafés use. Take away businesses typically use this type of pavement sign, as well.

These boards use a snap frame to keep their graphics in place, meaning that whatever you have in the frame, it can easily be changed at a moment’s notice.

A-Board Sign

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Swing board signs

Used outside of many smaller businesses and shops, the swing board sign has a weighted base to stop it from being easily knocked or pushed over. The base is often filled with water or sand, while the sign itself is made of metal and plastic. The swinging panel of the sign is designed to withstand windy weather, because it’s actually a bit heavier than it looks, despite being made to swing back and forth. Swinging board signs are printed with your business’ branding, such as your logo and details, and they’re very popular with retailers.

Grand Opening Signs - Swing Board

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Forecourt signs

This type of sign is quite heavy duty. They’re made to stand out while taking up minimal space. Forecourt pavement signs have a large, heavy base, while the sign stands in the centre on two legs. They look a little like a snap frame, and act extremely similarly. You can change the graphics whenever you’d like or keep the same printed graphic inside the frame for a long time. These are popular with more industrial businesses, giving off a strong vibe of professionalism with a robust sign.

Sentinel Forecourt Signs - all 3 sizes

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Large Sign in Petrol Forecourt Garage

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