Menu Cases

Boost Restaurant Sales with an Outdoor Menu

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to boost your restaurant sales, consider an outdoor menu display case on your premises.

Outdoor Menu Display Case

When people are looking for somewhere to eat during a night on the town, they don’t necessarily always book a table beforehand. It’s quite popular to look around a city centre and find somewhere that looks like it might have open tables, rather than pre-planning every step of an evening with friends or a loved one.

With restaurants, choosing one within budget can be difficult if there’s no way to see the prices before you go inside. The most embarrassing thing for diners to do is walk in, be seated, look at the menu, and walk out. You want to help people avoid that moment, not only for themselves, but for your restaurant, which could have seated someone else at that table in the meantime.

Slimlok Illuminated Menu Case

An outdoor menu allows potential customers to check your menu for prices, allergy information, and dietary requirements before walking inside. Menus that are made of paper or cardboard are going to be ruined almost immediately, and they don’t look very professional.

Menu Light Box

An outdoor menu display case, such as a noticeboard or box frame, can offer the menu to the public before they step inside. By openly displaying your menu in an outdoor menu display case, you can avoid embarrassing situations and show your patrons how much effort you’re willing to put into the brand of your restaurant, and help people make a quick decision.

Menu Cases can be used indoors too