Boost Your Interior Promotion with These 4 Products

Your interior promotion can really help you snag sales, once your exterior signage has attracted your customers and let them know where they can find you. This makes it the ideal tool for convincing a customer to make an extra purchase at your point of sale or letting them know about offers and events at your reception desk. The likelihood of your customers seeing your promotions and being convinced it’s in their interests to invest in the service or items you’re advertising can be increased if you carefully choose your promotional signage and make your product stand out.

Indoor signage is the perfect way to perk up your interior branding. It’s important to understand that exterior and interior branding are very different beasts. Interior signs can be focused and subtle, whereas exterior signs need to be flashy and attention-grabbing in order to lure your customers inside. Custom indoor signs can be used to motivate purchases when placed in storefronts, while they can be used to create a branded and informative experience when used in other businesses such as office buildings.

Of course, getting the atmosphere right is vital if you want to make the most of your indoor signage. When you’re creating your interior branding with custom indoor signs, be sure to think about their intended function – where they will be displayed, what they will be displaying and whether you are using the right form of signage for your intended goal.

When it comes to interior promotion, these are our favourite signage products:

Sign and Menu Holders

Ideal for displaying small leaflets on countertops, sign holders are made from injection moulded acrylic and are neutral enough to suit the branding of any business. It is compact and portable making it easy to test the effectiveness of your leaflet in different locations and the literature it contains can be changed quickly and easily with no fiddly fastenings. Red17’s sign holders are designed to avoid the issue of glare from strong lighting by angling them for optimal viewing, making sure that your literature can be seen by any and all customers.

Clear Leaflet Dispensers

This product is ideal if you want to offer your customers discount vouchers or prize surveys. Clear leaflet dispensers encourage your customers to take away a copy of your leaflet with them, meaning a sign holder is the best option if you have only one flyer, but a leaflet dispenser might be a better choice if you have enough to give out. Some leaflet dispensers are even able to display several leaflets at once owing to multiple compartments, and these dispensers are available in a whole range of different sizes.

As they are ideal for making price lists and menus easily accessible to customers, this tool is often used in salons and cafés.

Top Tip: Think About Colour

To continue the branded experience, your company’s colours should be featured prominently in your interior signs. But also remember that any colour you choose will also have to contend with a number of other colours in the building. Always take into consideration the colour of your furniture, flooring and walls.

Customers can quickly become overwhelmed by the number of different branded colours in front of them – on products, signs and labels – in busy spaces such as retail environments. It is your responsibility to create a harmonious environment that doesn’t overwhelm your shopper, and you can do this by bridging the gap between your official company colours and any other colours included in your space.

Wall Mounted Literature Stands

Wall mounted leaflet dispensers are available in a range of different sizes depending on the space available to you and how much literature you would like to display. They are also the ideal product for promoting different businesses and attractions in the local area making them the perfect product for the leisure and tourism industry. If you want to display a large selection of literature in one space, wall-mounted literature stands are often the way to go.

This product avoids making your business look crowded or cluttered by lying flat against the wall instead of taking up vital counter space. If your business offers a wide variety of different services and you want to provide customers with complete information on all of these services, wall-mounted literature stands are ideal.

Poster Frames

Poster frames can be a very effective interior promotion tool, even though they’re most often used in outdoor signage. They can be used to advertise new products, current promotions or even let your customers know about an upcoming event. With anti-glare protective sheets your artificial lighting will not affect the visibility of the poster and it is quick and easy to change the content when necessary.

This product is designed to keep your posters protected and looking professional, and can come in a variety of different styles and colours to compliment your branding. Almost any type of business could benefit from the purchase of a poster frame.

Top Tip: Think About Space

While they won’t be getting up close and personal with your outdoor signs, your customers and clients are going to be much closer to your indoor signs. Things like the material they’re made of and the ways in which they take up space are far more likely to be noticed as a result. Have your posters been protected to prevent vandalism and curling? Is our signage made from metal, wood or acrylic?

Think about your space, and how your signage integrates into it. Whether you mean it to or not, the image your customers have of your brand will be affected by all of these aspects of your indoor signage. With some careful consideration, the perfect sign can provide your business with just the right indoor branding experience.

Poster Snap Frames

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