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Bored of Your A-Frame? 6 Great Advertising Alternatives

A-Frame Sign

When it comes to advertising, many companies default to what they know works best. But the problem with this is; if everyone’s doing it, it’s no longer effective. So rather than hanging all your hopes on the simple A-frame you’ve had since you opened, here are some great, customer-engaging alternatives:

Poster Frames

Although a portable A-frame is a great solution, if you’re finding it’s not as effective as it once was, then it may be time to change your strategy. Mounting poster frames on the outside wall of your business is a great way to advertise upcoming events, current offers and, if you sell food and drink, your amazing menu.

The benefit of doing this means that you’re catching people’s attention at eye level. Whilst A-frames are effective because customers walk past them, wall-mounted poster cases can be just as effective for drawing attention to your business.

Hanging Posters

When you walk past real estate agents, you may notice their clever usage of hanging posters. Rather than sacrifice the whole window for an advertising display, hanging posters give a professional feel about your business, allow customers to see into your office, creating an open and inviting atmosphere, whilst utilising what can often be viewed as empty space.

Poster Hanging Rails

As this is a cost effective way of advertising, you can reign in your A-frame, rethink its design whilst all the while making a statement that is sure to catch the eye of passers-by.

LED poster cases

If poster cases are something you’re interested in, then it may be worth considering upgrading from the standard to something with fitted LED lights which allows your adverts to be visible day and night. This is particularly important for restaurants who may want to advertise their menu in the evenings.

Menu LED Poster Cases


Portable flags may seem like an unconventional way of advertising your business, but they can be very effective. If you are looking to shake things up a bit with catching the eye of those passing by, then portable flags is the ideal solution and will ensure you stand out from your competitors.

As a multi-purpose advertising product, you can also use flags at events, trade shows and exhibitions.

Flags at Exhibitions

Banner Stands

Banner stands are a great staple part of any advertising arsenal and so investing in one could definitely pay off in the long run. Considering their size, banner stands are ideal for conveying all the necessary information, including your social handles, your website, your branding message – including colours – and any additional information you may want to include, whether that’s the year you were founded, a contact email address or your latest discount offer.

If you’ve only been using">chalkboard A-frames up to this point, then it could be incredibly liberating to invest in a banner stand and the advertising freedom that is afforded as a result.

Roller Banner Stands

Wall-mounted chalkboards

Potentially a more popular option with pubs and cafes, a wall mounted chalkboard is ideal for advertising to those who are driving past. This is particularly useful if your business is on a main road and allows you a larger space in which to advertise who you are and what you offer.

Framed Chalkboard Sign