Snap Frames Brighten Up Corridors

Brighten Up Your Corridors with Snap Frames

Snap frames are becoming increasingly popular as a way to display important information. They look great in corridors or on any wall and are simple to install, keep clean and maintain.

Whether you are a business or an organisation such as a school or council office, chances are you’ll have plenty of wall space going spare. Making the best use of this is important if you want to get your messaging across.

Good signage can be used to inform your visitors and customers but also advertise up coming events.

If you don’t want to be constrained in what you display and need a solution where you can change the content on your wall in just a few seconds, you might like to consider snap frames. They’re one of the most popular products in our Red17 catalogue and for good reason.

Snap Frames for Posters

What are Snap Frames?

A snap frame is basically a poster display that you can fit to the wall and open and close to change the contents inside. They come in a variety of sizes and can be used to exhibit a range of information.

Snap poster frames are often seen in areas like cinemas where they are used to show off the latest movies. But there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have one in your own organisation. And there’s plenty you can do with them.

Quick Poster change with Snap Frames

What Can They Display?

If you have a poster that you want to put up and protect over the long-term, this is an ideal solution. In busy areas like pubs and bars, displays can easily get ripped or defaced by high spirited customers.

Snap frames are a secure and neat looking solution that can be fitted to any wall. For example, if you have a bar, you might want to line your corridor with a number of snap poster frames displaying important information about future events. It’s the ideal indoor solution for a little advertising or brand development.

It doesn’t have to be posters, of course. You can display almost anything in these frames. If you are a school, you might like to put information boards on your corridor but want them protected. A snap frame is the perfect way to do this. For offices, they can be placed just about anywhere to give employee information or display branded material for visiting customers or clients.

Snap poster frames are ideal for any area where there is a lot of footfall and plenty of people passing by. They can also be used in landscape and portrait mode depending on the location and what’s being displayed.

several snap frames in a row along a hall way

Frame types

Frame colours

The Benefits for Your Business or Organisation

Snap frames are an efficient way to display important information. It takes just a few minutes to change any information and installing the snap frames is relatively simple for someone with a modicum of DIY knowledge.

The snap poster frames protect your information so that it doesn’t get damaged or spirited away. The price of frames has also come down in recent years and it’s now a very cost-effective way to display information. You get a sturdy product that is durable and built to last at a price you can easily afford.

If you would like to find out more about snap frames for your business and organisation, why not take a look at our selection at Red17 today?

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