Brochure Stand Display in Reception

Brochure Stands – A Communal Area Essential

If you run a business that involves a waiting area, your visitors will welcome the opportunity to entertain themselves. Brochure stands provide the ideal solution for this, thanks in no small part to their versatility. Brochure stands can be used for entertainment and advertising – or even both!

What is a Brochure Stand?

You will be familiar with brochure stands, even if you’re not aware of their name. Have you ever flicked through the magazines in a doctor’s waiting room, or a daily newspaper in a café? If so, you will likely have plucked your reading material from a freestanding or wall-mounted holder. This is a form of brochure stand.

Brochure Stand Examples

Despite the name, a brochure stand is not restricted to holding catalogues and pamphlets. As discussed, they are quite capable of hosting various forms of consumer media. In addition, however, a brochure stand can provide strategically placed literature throughout a business site.

Why Should I Use Brochure Stands in My Business?

Brochure stands are hugely versatile, and highly recommended for any business.

They can be filled with newspapers or magazines, giving your guests the chance to browse and catch up on the latest news. This is obviously a big selling point if you work in the catering industry. Many customers will enjoy the opportunity to read while they enjoy a coffee or snack.

Brochure Stands

However, an office space can also offer the same opportunity. If you are running a business, you’ll likely need to keep guests and interviewees waiting while you wrap up your workload. A brochure stand that hosts the day’s newspapers, or even industry-specific magazines, will relax and entertain these visitors. It also adds a touch of class and professionalism to any workplace.

Of course, brochure stands could also be used for company-specific literature. This essentially makes them free advertising. If your business makes use of catalogues, why not fill a brochure stand with them? This isn’t restricted to the workplace, either. You can fill a brochure stand with catalogues and other paraphernalia at exhibitions, congresses and even outdoor events.

Literature Stands

A single-display brochure stand can act as a lectern in the workplace, too. Do you have a company handbook, loving laminated and bound? Host this on a brochure stand in the reception area if your business, and visitors can flick through it at their leisure. Even if you are looking to attract new and uninitiated customers at the aforementioned exhibitions, a brochure stand can take pride of place beside your stand.

Mobile Brochure Stand

The contents of a brochure stand do not necessarily need to stay put, though. Why not fill yours with handouts, such as pamphlets or leaflets? Even though brochure stands can make a great first impression, they can also provide potential customers with something to remember you by. Make use of a brochure stand to ensure that your customers remember who you are, what you do, and what you have to offer them!

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What Kinds of Brochure Stands are Available?

Red17 has a wide range of brochure stands available to suit any need. Some of the shapes and sizes and open to you include:

  • Traditional Brochure Stands.
    If you have one item to display that deserves pride of place, a traditional brochure stand is the way to go. These units are as decorative as they are functional, allowing you to display a single brochure, catalogue or book to any interested party.

  • Mobile Literature Stands.
    If you’re keen to allow numerous people to pluck brochures and catalogues that promote your wares, a mobile literature stand is the way to go. These portable stands host half a dozen pieces of literature at a time. This means that they’re great for any business that wishes to provide multiple brochures, catalogues or magazines. They’re also perfect for anybody that attends multiple conferences and exhibitions. A mobile literature stand can be folded up and kept in storage with a minimum of fuss.

  • Revolving Brochure Stands.
    If you have a wide array of literature to share, a revolving brochure stand is the ideal solution. You can fill this stand with magazines, brochures, catalogues, flyers and pamphlets, and as it revolves, multiple customers and guests can browse at once.

  • Wall-Mounted Dispensers.
    If space is at a premium in your workplace, why not make use of the walls? These brochure and magazine holders are affixed to a sturdy surface, ensuring that guests can pick and choose their literature at eye level.

  • Wooden Brochure Stands.
    Another wall-mounted option is the wooden brochure stand, which brings a touch of class of any business waiting room. These stands afford the opportunity to host magazines, brochures, catalogues and pamphlets in the same place. The transparent shelving ensures that anybody browsing can clearly see what they are selecting, and the wooden trim is reassuringly elegant.

Red17 are always happy to offer advice on the best brochure stand for your needs. Ultimately, though, ask yourself a few key questions to help you decide which design will serve you best.

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What is the Best Brochure Stand for My Needs?

Two of the most important questions to ask yourself when picking a brochure stand are:

  • Will I be moving the brochure stand around?
    If so, a mobile literature stand creates the least fuss. However, traditional brochure stands and revolving brochure stands are also freestanding. If the stand is staying put in your workplace, why not consider wall-mounting a classy wooden brochure stand?

  • How much literature will I be displaying?
    There is a brochure stand available for any amount of magazines, catalogues or leaflets. If it’s just one item, make use of a traditional brochure stand. If you have a wide range of items, a revolving brochure stand can host a vast array of material.

Mobile Revolving Brochure Stand

Brochure stands are a must for any business. These cost-effective tools are wholly versatile, hugely practical, and frequently mobile. If you can think of a better way to welcome visitors to your business, and advertise what you can offer them, we’d love to hear it!

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