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Brochure Stands - How a strategically placed brochure stand can create brand awareness and attract future clients

Brochure stands may sound a little uninspiring, but the reality is actually the opposite. Brochure stands are so simple, so low maintenance, so powerful and so effective, that they’re as hard to ignore as potential customers to your business will prove.

Think for a moment about the psychology at play here. If a potential customer sees a brochure stand, their interest is generally piqued, even if only to find out what brochures are stacked there, what they are saying, or who the company is. It’s an intrigue thing - people sometimes can’t resist a bit of a ‘nosy’ around.

Add into this equation that passive advertising, especially when subtly executed either by creating emotional attraction or strong messaging, is one of the best ways to draw a potential customer to your business. Sometimes people aren’t aware that they need whatever services you are selling, but when they see your brochures, they often feel compelled to purchase.

This is how strategically placed brochure stands help create brand awareness and attract future clients.

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Brand awareness

Even if the client doesn’t read all of the brochure, the brochure stand puts your company ‘front and centre’ in the client’s mind.

Attract future clients

Even if the client reads the brochure there and then, or even discards the brochure, or just leaves it on a shelf or table in the office, he will always remember something from your brochure.

Wave Brochure Stands

It may be that when the time comes that he needs your services, he will remember (or better still, review the brochure again) your company and will move from a reader to a future client.

In honesty, it’s not just the brochure that works here in placing your company or brand into the prospect’s mind. If he doesn’t recall the brochure, he will almost certainly recall your company, your brochure stand or your products.

Practicality and simplicity

In addition to piquing the interest of a future client, well placed brochure stands work effectively for several other reasons.

  • Brochure stands are low cost, so aren’t going to dent the marketing budget that much.
  • Brochure stands are easy to set up, locate or even move to a more effective position. Careful consideration about how strategically placed brochure stands works best delivers massive results. For example, it’s easy to locate brochure stands where you think they may be effective, then to watch how many people actually stop by it to check your brochures. More so, if they doesn’t seem to be as well located or as popular as you imagined, simply move them somewhere else until they are!
  • Styles - there’s a variety of styles of brochure stand available, from the simple, to the elegant, to multi-shelved (ideal for displaying several different brochures or literature at once), to rotating, to leaflet dispensers, to mobile magazine racks, to wall-mounted mesh racks. For added effect, wooden or metallic displays can really catch the attention of potential clients.

If you’re looking to achieve results with your promotional literature, a strategically located brochure stand can’t be beaten. Especially if it’s a modern or unique style that says something different about your products or business (coming back to branding again!), your pickup rate will increase organically.

Revolving Brochure Stand

Use of brochure stands

Brochure stands work well on the simple level of distributing promotional literature, but are so much more effective for other reasons too.

Portable Brochure Stands

At exhibitions or marketing events, a brochure stand works as a focal point for your business. Sometimes there’s no need for an abundance of advertising or other paraphernalia, as clients sometimes gravitate towards simplicity.

At events and exhibitions, sometimes ‘less is more’ - a well located elegant or attractive brochure stand draws interest because sometimes attendees are so used to overkill by the big companies that a smaller, compact setup stands out to them.

  • Receptions and front desks of office blocks are ideal locations for brochure stands, as they can display information about the business or even advertisements for external companies.
  • Companies may use brochure stands to display information to employees, either for health and safety documentation, internal communications or even work-related documentation.
  • Product catalogues, holiday brochures, or even feature-driven magazine style literature works extremely well in retail businesses.
  • Anywhere a potential customer has to wait for a few minutes is a superb location for a brochure stand. For example, when situated near a coffee machine in a hospital waiting room, it’s almost inevitable that people will notice, investigate and then read the promotional literature from a brochure stand.

Wall Mounted Brochure Stand

Choosing which brochure stands to use

As we’ve discussed with brochure stands, a strategic location pays dividends. In today’s world of a multitude of distractions, brands are in a constant fight for a client’s attention and focus. Sometimes, you’ve only a few seconds at most to catch the eye of a potential customer.

Brochure Rack

This is why careful and creative thought is needed about the type and location of brochure stands. Catching the eye of a potential customer often comes down to :-

  • location - at the optimum visual angle to catch the eye.
  • style - a modern or fancy brochure stand evokes intrigue and attraction.
  • practicality and durability - sometimes, it may take a few walk pasts for a customer to pick up your literature, so your brochure stands needs to be durable for longevity.
  • displaying your brochures clearly - an easy aspect to overlook is that brochure stands often look impressive, but the customer can’t see the brochures, so is unlikely to pick up. Ensure your brochure stand clearly displays your brochures for maximum visual effect.

Conclusion: brochure stands work well for your business, as they match simplicity with effectiveness

If you’re looking to create brand awareness and attract future clients, strategically located brochure stands should be one of your first considerations.

With their combination of low cost, practicality, effectiveness and simplicity, why don’t you consider looking into brochure stands for your business today?

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