Buyer’s Guide to Pop-up Display Stands

Buyer’s Guide to Pop-up Display Stands

There are various exhibition stands that are referred to as ‘pop-up display stands. As a result, it can be hard to determine the kind of stand you need. In the following guide, therefore, we want to help you out by discussing the different terminology so you can figure out the right type of stand for your needs.

What Are Pop-up Stands?

Pop-up stands are special stands used at exhibitions by companies and organisations for promotional purposes and consisting of a latticed aluminium-based structure. Graphics are printed out that include information or a specific message and are affixed to the frame.

You will always see them at business and industry conferences, exhibitions and trade shows, but they can be used successfully for just about any promotional or marketing in anywhere from hotel lobbies to shopping centres and lots more.

Other names that are often used to describe pop-up stands include: pop-up systems, banner stands, pop-up exhibition stands, pop-up displays, pop-up banners

Different Kinds of Pop-up Stands

Pop-up Counters

Pop-up counters are portable and feature a small and sturdy aluminium structure that can be pulled out to create the counter. After you’ve erected your frame, you just need to connect the specially made graphic wrap and magnetic bars and then slot the counter (normally made from wood) on top. You also can avail yourself of storage space and shelving to display additional items and literature.

These kinds of displays are perfect for interacting with trade show and exhibition attendees and great for displaying either a laptop or literature because they are designed to carry a load. As graphics used with these types of stands can be printed on either polyester-based fabrics or laminated 450-micron polyester, they are replaceable and can be used for a longer period.

Anyone interested in having a more interactive display can use counter stands with iPad mounts to showcase corporate promo videos and websites.

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Pop-up Display Backdrops and Pop-up Display Stands

The traditional pop-up stand features an aluminium frame that’s easy to collapse and expandable to create larger backwalls, that are excellent for using at promotional events, conferences and other exhibitions. You will find that these kinds of stands are normally available in three different frame shapes – L-shaped, curved and straight. However, there are bespoke designs that can be created combining multiple frames together.

Collapsed frames are much smaller than the stand when its fully opened and this makes it easy to transport them with the relevant graphics inside a carry case. When you erect and expand one of these frames, you can see they are made of quadrants. This is important to note as you will see that the size of these pop-up stands is described as 3 x 2, 2 x 2 and 3 x 3, for example. Many people assume that this is a reference to the dimensions, when in fact it refers how many quadrants there are in a structure.

Important Note. You also need to bear in mind that a single quadrant does not have a specific size, as it will be different for every stand. Every stand has different dimensions. So, you need to look at the dimensions for a pop-up stand and check that you have enough space to accommodate it.

Similarly, to pop-up counters, after expanding and erecting a pop-up display stand frame, you need to reinforce it using the supplied magnetic bars. As well as make the frame stronger, it also provides a suitable and stable place for your panels of graphics to be placed using magnetic tape.

Graphics for these kinds of displays can be of anything you require, with the traditional structure utilising a robust deep-crystal, laminated 450-micron polyester. You will also find that there are various pop-up stands that use polyester-based fabrics for lighter and seamless displays than the traditional option.

When erected, there are a selection of accessories and additional features that can be used with pop-up displays, including flat screen televisions and lights. Some even have modular designs and features built into them like bigger digital display units, bag hooks, tables and shelves.

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Pop-Up Display Towers

Pop-up display towers are lightweight and portable options that provide you with 360-degrere of exposure without using too much space. They are like pop-up stands as they consist of frames that are pulled out and customised to meet your own specific business and brand needs.

You are also able to customise them further to use translucent film and lighting to increase the amount of exposure they achieve.

Pop-up display towers

Why Should You Make Use of Pop-up Display Stands?

Of all the different types of display stands that are available nowadays, the most commonly seen and utilised are pop-up stands. What makes them the go-to favourite for so many individuals and businesses, though and how can you make full use of them to improve your marketing strategy?

Fully-Customisable -
There is no reason why you need to feel that you are stuck with using the L-shape, curved or straight pop-up display stands that are readily available, as these can normally be combined together or suitably customised to accommodate display needs and spaces.

Thanks to the graphic panels they feature, they can be changed easily by businesses who need to switch the messages from one trade show or exhibition to another.

Additionally, you can make use of various accessories and additional features such as bigger and wider backwalls, like brackets for LCD televisions, carry cases and shelves.

Robust and Durable -
Displays used for trade shows and similar events offer suffer from a lot of wear and tear. Although that is true, particularly with regards to the graphics for pop-up displays, it’s usually if people don’t handle them correctly. That aside, pop-up displays are a great investment because they tend to be made from robust and durable aluminium.

Highly Effective -
Although they are very lightweight, small and could even be called, flimsy, pop-up stands are incredibly effective.

As they are so small, they can be used in space-only areas and shell-schemes, although we would always advise that you should invest in a double-sided pop-up for exhibits that are space-only.

Pop-Up Stands

How to Design a Pop-up Display Stand

You need to give some serious consideration to the design of the pop-up display stand you want to use because there will be parts of the graphics panels that are not always fully visible. You will find that most feature two to three panels on the centre with a d-shaped panel at each side.

How to Properly Look After a Pop-up Stand

When you don’t handle the graphics, panels used in pop-up displays, they can get easily damaged or ruined. So, ensure that the image side is always facing outwards when you are putting your pop-up into storage or packing it away at the end of the day to avoid issues with declamation.

To ensure that the graphics will last, make sure you invest in a scratch-resistant laminate. You should always use an appropriately sized carry case when you are taking the graphics and stand from one destination to another.

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