Red17 Cafe Barriers

If you’re a marketer, entrepreneur or business owner looking to showcase your business in an innovative way, it could be worth considering cafe barriers.

Don’t let yourself be distracted or discouraged by the term ‘cafe barriers’ though; as you’ll soon see, they can work everywhere such as trade show exhibitions too.

What are cafe barriers?

Cafe barriers are mostly used in the summer months in outdoor dining venues. How often have you seen that simple structure - two small stands with a banner between them, ostensibly to cordon off a dining area?

The innovation with cafe barriers is that they are both practical and a tremendous marketing opportunity. Cafes and coffee shops use them to form a cordon along outside dining areas, for example in a busy pedestrian street, to separate their customers from non-customers. In this case, the cafe often has to demarcate a certain area where they allowed to trade/lay tables.

Why are cafe barriers such an innovation for marketing?

What’s innovative, and of special interest to marketers, is this banner is an amazing opportunity to display promotions and advertisements. Imagine walking past an outdoor coffee shop, and noticing a tempting offer on cafe barriers?

Better still, because they can be printed double-sided, you could theoretically have a different advert each side. Inside, you could promote an up-sell to existing/sitting customers, whilst outside you advertise a meal deal to tempt in more customers.

This display advertising opportunity is also practical - in quieter months, you may wish to cordon off an area of a restaurant to save cleaning/servicing time, whilst at the same time advertising. For events and functions, you could even offer a personalised message, greeting or fun pictures to add the occasion.

Coca Cola Banner Stand Cafe Barrier

Cafe barriers are not just for coffee shops and cafes though

So, now we’ve seen both the practicality and marketing opportunities with cafe barriers it’s easy to see their use is not restricted just to dining venues.

Anywhere people may walk past - ideally walking rather than driving (so more time to see your adverting!) there’s an opportunity for cafe barriers.

Anywhere you may need to block off an area - say a stand at a trade exhibition or conference - you could be advertising too.

Anywhere people may stand around, or start queueing (e.g. a nightclub, lounge, bar or events venue) is another great opportunity for cafe barriers.

Night Club Cafe Barriers

What could I advertise on cafe barriers?

Cafe barriers are truly multipurpose, for example advertising (such as a promotions, meal deals or other offers) or even branding (contact details, logo, marketing messages etc.) can be used.

With a variety of widths available, it’s easy to have words, messages, graphics, logos etc. printed across cafe barriers. Standard widths are usually between one and two metres, often with 1.5m being a popular size.

Obviously, there’s also an opportunity for external advertising or cross promotion with cafe barriers, either to showcase your other venues or perhaps even offer advertising space for media partners to bring in extra revenue.

Health and Safety notices could also be detailed on cafe barriers, for instance if a venue needs to identify a smoking area outside or an access route. Concert venues are also using cafe barriers these days, often to provide a sectioned off area where people can use mobile phones for example.

Deluxe Cafe Barriers from Red17

Why cafe barriers are great for conferences too

As cafe barriers are small, lightweight and easily transportable, they’re becoming massively popular at roadshows, conferences and sales events. As they are quick and easy to assemble, and can be transported by one person, it’s clear to see why they’re popular.

Cafe barriers are also customisable, with components being available in different finishes to suit different budgets and needs. Chrome barrier stands are classy, and graphic banners sometimes attract more attention with a glossy finish..

The ubiquity and flexibility of marketing options cafe barriers offer

It’s easy to see the flexibility of marketing and advertising options cafe barriers bring.

  • A salesman or conference attendee could have different banners for different events or campaigns.
  • High durability and wind resistance allows cafe barriers to be used outside in all weathers.
  • Easy replacement of components make cafe barriers economic, as if anything is damaged only one piece needs replacing rather than the whole system.
Costa Coffee Barrier Cafe Stand

Conclusion: cafe barriers could promote your business in many different ways.

cafe banner barrier stand

In marketing, originality stands out - and cafe barriers afford you a great opportunity to do just that. Coupled with a practical need, for example if it helps to cordon off a certain area to help queuing or access, cafe barriers can also help save hassle.

Restaurants for example often section off parts of their dining area, or salesman taking enquiries at a trade show appreciate an orderly queue.

With a balance of practicality and marketing opportunities, cafe barriers can provide that extra edge businesses can exploit to prosper. However, don’t be discouraged by the term ‘cafe barriers’ as it’s not just dining venues like cafes, restaurants and coffee shops that will use them.

Another way of looking at the advantage cafe barriers offer for promotion is individuality. If you visit a conference, take note how many salesman and facilitators are using the same accessories - such as drop down banner units. Will most passing potential customers notice those banners, or would they notice something different such as cafe barriers?

It’s this opportunity to stand out, whilst being practical, that make cafe barriers so advantageous. Add into this flexibility, with different sizes, looks and even different banners available, and you’ve automatically got a one man marketing product that’s supremely practical too.

What’s more, cafe barriers are relatively inexpensive, and often are quickly produced by suppliers offering next day or even free delivery.

Can you really afford not to harness the power and potential in cafe barriers for your business? Check out cafe barriers today and you start building your business as soon as tomorrow.

cafe stand for banners