Wall Mounted Leaflet Dispenser

Many businesses benefit from including leaflet holders in their reception areas, waiting rooms and on top of their counters, but not so many realise the benefits of investing in wall-mounted leaflet holders. So what are the benefits of mounting leaflets on the wall and how could this affect your business?

Keeps them out the way

It’s easy to knock over a leaflet holder. And once the leaflets have scattered across the floor, you’ve then got to spend valuable time collecting them together and tidying the place up.

Mounting leaflets on the wall is a great solution to this yet still allows you to benefit from having leaflets and other literature available to guests and visitors.

Keeps the place tidy

Although knocking leaflet holders over is one issue, if you’ve yet to invest in a holder, then it’s incredibly easy for leaflets to become a messy pile instead of being neatly stacked.

This creates problems for the staff who have to spend their time constantly tidying up – time they could spend doing something else much more productive.

Mounted leaflet holders are able to keep all your available literature in one, easily accessible place whilst also maintaining a level of tidiness.

Looks professional

Additionally, mounted leaflet holders look much more professional than countertop ones. This is most applicable in an office environment and will largely depend on the type of business you run, but specific styles of wall-mounted leaflet holders can have a great professional look about them.

Mounted Leaflet Holder

Blends with your branding

And by looking more professional, these types of leaflet holders are able to blend seamlessly with your branding. If you have a very colourful and personable brand, then a wire or plastic mount may be the most suitable, but for those who have a simpler, minimalistic brand may opt for the classy metal style .

Doesn’t clutter valuable counter space

If you run a café, a pub or a restaurant and you’re displaying leaflets on top of the counter, then you could be wasting valuable countertop space. Particularly in coffee shops where counter space becomes very valuable – and easily cluttered, you could inadvertently end up affecting your customer experience, especially when staff are constantly knocking leaflet holders over.

It’s also worth thinking about what type of impression this type of cluttered counter space has in the eye of your customer. If they’re a first-time customer, first impressions are incredibly important and decluttering your counter top is likely to work in your favour.

Make it eye level

Another problem associated with using counter top leaflet holders is that sometimes they can be ineffective due to the fact that they’re below eye level and are therefore largely ignored. Mounting a leaflet holder on the wall, however, allows people to be drawn to the literature available and more likely to make the most of it because it’s at eye level.

This type of simple psychology can work wonders in your favour and allow you to finally benefit from displaying leaflets – whether they’re for your own or for local businesses nearby.