Coffee Shop Chalkboards

Chalkboards are a great tool for any business, but how can you make the most of them? There’s nothing worse than investing your money into a form of advertising when you don’t really know what you should or shouldn’t be doing and seeing the money disappear faster than you can replace it. So when it comes to using chalkboard A-frames, there are a few things you should be doing in terms of how they’re positioned.

By the roadside

Whether you’re right next to the road, or set back from it, positioning a chalkboard next to the road is ideal for catching passing traffic. Advertise your best offer, a funny joke or one of your most endearing characteristics and you’re sure to reel them in.

premier chalk a-boards

Outside the front door

It’s key that you aim to catch people as they’re coming in as well. It could be that someone’s visiting for just a drink but your excellent 2-4-1 offer on main courses persuades them to eat as well. Or if you’ve got a new speciality, advertising it before they enter is a great tactic for putting the idea in their head and may even catch some passers-by as well.

Mahogany Framed Chalkboards

Down the road

Not everyone has the luxury of being on a main pathway or road, and so it may be necessary to position your chalkboard down the road where there’s more people. This can help make people aware that you’re there and also direct them to where you are. Nothing works better than a great offer.

Eco-Flex Chalkboard

In the foyer

It may be that you don’t want to advertise out front, or maybe you have one down the road, so utilising a large open space in the foyer can help to encourage customers to spend money. At Christmas, Valentine’s Day and other occasions, it’s a perfect opportunity to let people know you take bookings and have discounts for large parties.

By the back door

If you have a rear entrance or even a garden that’s popular in the summer, positioning a chalkboard by the rear entrance is another great use and can encourage people to make the most of your offerings.

Near to the bar

You may not have enough space to benefit from chalkboard in the foyer, but you can probably squeeze one in near the bar – or get one on top of the counter – to advertise your latest premium drinks and cocktail deals. You might even be surprised by how effective this method is. IF you try it out only to discover it doesn’t really benefit you, then you can always move the chalkboard at a later date.

Chalkboard Signs

At the entry to the restaurant

Some pubs decide to create a segregated restaurant area where customers can eat in peace whilst others prefer to socialise at the bar. Dividing this area with a chalkboard detailing your latest offers can also help to transition a customer from one area to the other.