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What’s the Best Colour for My Snap Frame?

When it comes to protecting your posters and designs from damage while presenting them in an attractive way, poster frames are your best friend. Isn’t it time to update your office? Choosing the right size poster frame for your poster is important, but the selection process does not stop there. They can be an integral part of your business’ branding, and can be hung both inside and outside your business.

But the effectiveness of your poster can really be improved or damaged by the colour you choose for your poster frame. We’ve been working with poster frames for years, so you can rely on us to give you the best advice when you choose your new frame. It is particularly effective to choose an accent colour for your frame, rather than making everything the same shade. Do not settle on a colour for your new poster frames until you’ve read this guide and given real thought to the image you want to create.

A good poster frame will last a long time, so you want to pick one that will keep working for you throughout its natural life.

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Neutral Colours

Neutral colours are unobtrusive and therefore do not distract from the message or images on display, keeping the focus on the content you are sharing. Black poster snap frames compliment just about every poster and will not look out of place on any coloured wall. Neutral colours are a safe choice if you’re unsure of which colour to choose. In some cases, an aluminium finish will be sleek and aesthetically-pleasing, and may compliment your interiors and posters better than a black poster frame.

You will not need to invest in new frames as your content changes, as a neutral-coloured frame will always compliment whichever poster design you use.

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Choosing a colour that matches your business’ branding is always the safest way to go when selecting the right colour for your poster frame. This will also make it more likely that your posters will always match your frame, as there’s a good chance you will have designed them with your branding in mind. This makes your signage really eye-catching, giving a bold look that just cannot be achieved using a black poster snap frame.

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Your customers will build a higher level of recognition for your brand the more you incorporate your branding into your business. Therefore, opting for your brand colours is beneficial for your sales figures too. Strong branding encourages customers to return time and time again, as it increases their loyalty to your brand without them even realising it.

Let 2020 be the year you really bring your branding to the next level.

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Poster cases can create a sense of fun and community for employees

Let’s face it – everyone’s back office space could use a bit of fun, colour and excitement! We have seen our business clients use our lockable outdoor poster cases used for a lot of creative and whimsical uses in the past. If you want to create a sense of shared corporate culture or team spirit, it’s worth remembering that poster frames and cases don’t only exist to display serious information: they can also be used to display fun materials.

More “inspired” uses for your poster frame might include…

  • A framed collage of meaningful moments, your staff’s pets and kids.
  • A framed scoreboard (updated regularly) for friendly team challenges, raffles and games.
  • A frame for posters that are simply decorative.
  • A place to share photos and recollections of recent team building events, corporate parties, and workplace celebrations.
  • A board perfect for announcing promotions, birthdays and anniversaries with the company, complete with a photo of the employee in question.

Before and after their shifts, your employees will enjoy looking at the revolving showcase that you host in your office poster frame.

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Something Flashy

Overall, the colour of the snap frame you choose can have a big impact on the effectiveness of the poster displayed within it. Don’t be afraid to use a stronger colour than the rest of your interiors, the idea is to encourage the customer to spend a longer period of time looking at your poster than they do at your wall! Choosing a frame colour that clashes with the content you are displaying is a great way to make your poster pop, and we have loads of bright colour choices to help you do that.

They are eye-catching enough to draw customers to your poster and can be selected in a colour that will really stand out on your wall.

Using a dark coloured frame with a lighter coloured poster, or a bright coloured frame with a darker coloured poster, is a great way to achieve a high contrast.

Dark Blue Poster Frame with large pink poster

Key Framing Options

Mounted Framing

Be wary of cheap mounts, as they can yellow and harm your poster over time. A mount adds extra negative space around your poster, and makes it look professional, artistic, and more dynamic. Adding a mount to your frame allows you to enhance your poster and turn it into a work of art. If you want to keep examples of your posters to hang around the office, this is a great way to go about it. It also looks great if you’re hanging your poster in a more high-end setting.

Float-Mount Framing

With float mounting, your poster is suspended inside the frame with the edges visible. If you want your poster to look tidy and businesslike, but do not want to include a mount, float mounting may be the way to go. It looks great when hanging on your wall, and brings a sense of depth and intrigue to your design.

Full-Bleed Framing

If your poster design does not have borders or margins this is known as full-bleed printing, which is the printing of ink from edge to edge. Matting is not typically used when you frame a full-bleed poster. This is an attractive option for corporate posters, as they are often printed in the full-bleed style. Your design or poster uses the poster frame as its border, rather than any mounts or printed outlines.

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Black Red White - examples of bold coloured poster frames

Strong Colours

If it blends in too much, the colour of the frame will have no impact. Bold coloured frames leave a lasting impression by working in a similar way to clashing colours. Look at the wall you want to mount your frame on, and try to choose a coloured frame that contrasts with the colour of that wall. For example, a bright yellow frame might seem like it will draw the eye, but if the wall behind it is already yellow that brightness is wasted. More attention will be drawn to your poster if you use a red frame that creates a strong contrast with its surroundings.

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Choosing the Right Frame for Your Wall Colour

Painting the walls and putting up art are two of the biggest steps for making your new office finally feel ready. Red17 is the right place to be if you want to make hanging your posters an enjoyable and effortless process, though we can’t actually paint those walls for you. If you want to ensure your frames complement your interior colour palette and make sure you love the finished look of your office, be sure to follow our expert advice.

Undertones: A Beginner’s Guide

The shade of paint on your office walls will be made up of a mass tone (the colour you see when you glance at the wall, whether that’s blue, cream or taupe) and an undertone – almost all paint colours are created by mixing these two or more colours together. If you want to complement your colour palette in the frames you choose for your posters, you need to identify the undertones in your paintwork as they hold the key to a cohesive interior.

So how do we go about this? Well, to identify the undertone of a paint colour, we have to compare it to its closest relative that is a “true colour”. Blue, red and yellow-based creams, for example, can be shown on a colour wheel or paint swatch to compare against a wall that is cream or off-white. Your undertones will be indicated by whichever swatch matches your wall colour most closely.

Surprisingly, warm bases can be found in many colours that are often considered to be cool (like white and grey). The undertones you’re working with are most easily determined by testing them against a known swatch.

Choosing your frames will be much easier once you know your undertones. If you’re looking at metallic-coloured frames, gold frames are generally paired with warm undertones and silver frames with cool undertones. Silver frames in a range of tones – including our aluminium effect poster frames, for example – will look great with a cool pale blue wall. Gold frames and warmer colour frames will look best in a room with a warm undertone.

Pale blue wall with 3 different coloured poster frames on

Take a look at our website today and invest in a snap frame that will make your poster pop. Red17 stock a wide range of poster snap frames in a variety of different sizes. Leaving a lasting impression is the name of the game, so your goal with poster frames should be to choose a colour that will stand out. No matter what your requirements – whether you need an aluminium finish or a bright green poster snap frame – we will have a solution for your business.

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