Choosing the best brochure stand for you

Choosing the best brochure stand for you

When it comes to choosing the correct brochure stand for your business, you will need to take several factors into consideration. Establish the amount of space that you have available for your new brochure stand. If you’re looking for a brochure stand that takes up just a small amount of space near your business’ doorway, then you’ll want something unobtrusive but professional-looking. The stand, in this situation, should blend into the scene of your reception or till area.

Various Brochure and Literature Stand Displays - examples

You should also look at your budget verses the look of the product that you want. For example, the most inexpensive brochure stand at Red17 (which is freestanding, rather than wall mounted) is current £47 on sale at the time of writing (November 2019). This stand has three sections or “pockets” in which you can place your literature, and it has an older, more Victorian feel to it. It’s a classical look. You can compare this stand and its price to our most expensive freestanding brochure stand, which is £692 on sale, and is a steel revolving brochure stand. This stand can hold A4 brochures and has 92 sections for you to put them in. It is much more modern-looking; almost minimalist, in a way.

Just from comparing those two, very different, stands, you can see that you have a lot of choice ahead of you. A hotel or spa may benefit from a more stylised brochure stand that fits with the theme of the business. Whereas, a supermarket or corner shop may prefer a revolving stand to allow customers to easily peruse the available literature. But you should also think about the number of pieces of literature you wish to display. Obviously, if you’re just displaying a few brochures about surrounding attractions, you won’t need 92 different sections. But there are a huge number of options.

Ensure that the brochure stand that you choose has compartments that are big enough to accommodate the size of the literature that you want to put in it. A4 compartments are pretty common in the UK, but you may have other sizes that you wish to keep separate on the stand. If this is the case, check the size of the compartments for the stand that you’re interested in, or contact the seller directly to see if they offer any customisation.

Brochure Rack

Last of all, decide whether or not you actually need a brochure stand. It might not quite be the literature holder that you’re looking for. A brochure stand is often portable and quite heavy. They’re made to be robust and able to be used indoors and outdoors in many situations. A leaflet rack may be more suitable or a wall mounted brochure rack. There are, of course, lightweight brochure stands, too. These are great for exhibitions and trade shows where you need to display your own literature for potential clients.

Take style into account, as well. Not all brochure stands are straight or blocky, some have amazing wave structures, while others are large and have their own wheels for more portability. You can even purchase a single display stand which fits a stack of literature and holds it all at an angle; these are perfect for building entrances.

Wire Wall Mounted Brochure Racks

Ask yourself what you need, and then hunt down the best bargain brochure stand for your business.

The range of available brochure stands

At Red17, we pride ourselves on giving our clients a range of options for whichever product they may be looking at. As such, it’s important for you to know what types of brochure stands we stock and the benefits of them.

Wall mounted racks

Less of a stand, more of a rack, these document holders are perfect for a business that is lacking space for a standard brochure stand. From one pocket racks to eleven pocket racks, the wall mounted racks that we have can fit all your needs.

Shelf Style Wall Mounted Brochure racks

These types of literature holders are great for holding oversized newspapers, as well as more traditionally sized A4 brochures. Open ended wall racks give you the option to rest bigger texts between the holders, while those with closed edges are great for holding literature of all sizes up to A4. You could, for example, place several folded leaflets in a slot, rather than a stack of A4 brochures.

Decorative brochure stands

These are the kind of stands you will often see at museums, exhibitions, trade shows, art shows, theatres, and any other professional event. Available in both portrait and landscape, the idea behind these stands is to highlight a single piece of literature and make it readily available for passing guests or clients. You could place a small stack of literature within the depths of the holder, or just a single booklet for people to flick through.

Product pic of Decorative Brochure Stands

With a shiny finish from this professional-looking item, you could even use it in your restaurant to display your menu right by the host’s desk.

Portable brochure stands

For quick assembly and lightweight travelling, the portable brochure stand is the star of any business going to a trade show. Our Zed-Up stand completely folds down to a size that you could carry with ease. It’s a beautiful silver colour, complete with a sturdy but minimalist look.

There’s also the Zed-Up Lite brochure stand, which is made from aluminium and comes with its own carry case. Available in three different sizes to suit your literature needs, you won’t find a stand that is quicker to assemble than the Zed-Up Lite. Especially not one that retains its strength and structure.

3 Portable Literature Stand examples

And if you’re searching for a collapsible stand with the least effort possible, the Cascade leaflet stand can be taken down or put up in just moments. It features a one-stop cantilever assembly, meaning that you can basically pull the whole thing upwards and watch it click into place.

Freestanding brochure stands

A quick mention for our freestanding brochure stands, which make up the rest of our brochure stand stock. These come in a range of shapes and sizes, and they’re perfect for businesses that want a stand to put somewhere and stay there; while still looking good, of course.

3 colours of Wave Brochure Stands

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