Considering Replacing Your Wooden Notice Board

Considering Replacing Your Wooden Notice Board?

If you want to make sure your business has all the same advantages as the other companies in your area, you need to keep it up-to-date with all the best equipment available. If you want to publicise the services and products your business has to offer, external promotion is a tool you really need to master. Many owners of wooden outdoor notice boards consider replacing them with aluminium versions, but are unsure if it’s the right thing to do. Wooden external notice boards have certain ongoing maintenance requirements, and a lot of people want to make sure that the performance, durability and affordability of a replacement is up to scratch.

Luckily, Red17 has a range of outdoor notice boards in high grade aluminium which come in a variety of different colours, and are the ideal solution to the ongoing problems of maintenance, performance and life expectancy of wooden notice boards. They’ll allow you to save money, while still walking away with an aesthetically pleasing product that requires little-to-no ongoing maintenance.

Here at Red17, our goal is to supply all the tools you need to draw in new customers, inform the community about an upcoming event or project, or any other use for an outdoor notice board you could possibly dream of!

If you’re trying to think of an attractive, cost-effective replacement for your timber outdoor notice board, aluminium is always worth considering.

It’s not always easy to stay on top of the trends when it comes to outdoor notice boards and other external promotion products. Learn about your options: Signage Options for External Promotion.

Grab attention with Outdoor Notice Boards

Although real wood brings with it a traditional feeling that metal can’t hope to match, our range has proven to be a great alternative. They’re ideal for any number of different business types, including educational institutions, community centres, parishes, office buildings, churches, village halls and restaurants. Our outdoor notice boards come in a range of colours that allow them to integrate attractively into their surroundings in a way that is pleasing to the eye. They offer many user benefits, requiring no re-coating to maintain their waterproof and weatherproof designs, and will not degrade or corrode like their wooden alternatives. They’ll provide your business with a space in which you can display information without needing to worry about vandalism, theft or water damage. Some of our external notice boards are designed to be mounted on the side of a building, while others are freestanding. The choice is yours!

No. 1 for Community Engagement

From its professional look to its eye-catching visibility in public spaces, an outdoor notice board has many benefits. A high-quality, aluminium outdoor notice board is always a good way to go when you’re trying out different ways of advertising to your community.

Community Notice Board

Advertisements for businesses and events, and even “for sale” posters can all use space in a community outdoor notice. Individuals and local businesses alike can advertise effectively on an external notice board. From restaurants that want to advertise their newest offers to other upcoming events like community classes in karate or knitting, outdoor notice boards are a popular way for communities to share messages with each other and often end up brimming with exciting messages.

A bright, smart and clean outdoor notice board, with so many people passing by, can really catch the attention of the public. Many businesses, schools and community halls would be lost without their external notice boards.

Looking into outdoor notice boards is always a good way to go when you’re trying out different ways of advertising in your community. If you want to restrict access and prevent people from hanging unauthorised notices, a tamperproof notice board is the right choice for you. These are supplied with key locks for ease of use and to secure your notices. Of course, locking is not mandatory, so if you don’t need users to request permission before using the board, simply don’t lock them out!

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Public Gardens Community Outdoor Notice Board

No. 1 for Schools

It can be really difficult for school management to keep parents informed about happenings inside the school while managing so many individual students every day. External notice boards are a great way of making sure you’re achieving this. The sense of community an external notice board can promote is one of its primary advantages, and this is especially important for schools. Your school community can keep your notice board looking healthy by filling it with messages and information for students and their parents.

School Kids walking past an outdoor notice board in school

A successful community school really relies on its administrators’ abilities in engaging the local community.

Top Tip: Which Way Is Up?

While rotating the board you already have rather than simply buying one in the correct orientation might seem like a no-brainer, you’ll save a lot of time and effort in the long-run by simply buying a new notice board. Unless they’re located in the correct area of the display, design features like drainage holes – which are present in some outdoor notice boards – will not be able to carry out their function.

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Post Mounted Outdoor Notice Board for Schools

Using Your Outdoor Notice Board

There are a large number of different uses for external notice boards, some of which you may not even have considered yet. The following are just some of the most common outdoor notice board uses…

  • Bars, coffee shops, restaurants and pubs can use outdoor notice boards to display menus.

  • Clubs and pubs can use outdoor notice boards to market themed nights and special events.

  • Churches can use outdoor notice boards to share information about upcoming services and feast days. Freestanding notice boards, which can be moved and placed when necessary, are especially popular here.

  • To grab the attention of people walking by a business. All different types of businesses can benefit from advertising on the street, whether that’s simply highlighting what the business does or offering BOGOF offers to new customers. This works well with freestanding outdoor notice boards and those that are mounted.

  • As a way to display important school or college information. Outdoor notice boards are mainly used by schools as a way to provide parents with information. For example, a large freestanding board could display information about inset days, school holidays, school trips or special events.

  • To display opening times or important information outside of a café, restaurant, pub or bar.

Freestanding Double Sided Outdoor Notice Board

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