Create Promotional Advertising on a Budget with a Poster Hanger Rail

Create Promotional Advertising on a Budget with a Poster Hanger Rail

Despite being around in their familiar form for over two hundred years, posters remain one of the most popular of the many different forms of print advertisements and promotions available today. Of course, distribution and printing methods have evolved over the last two centuries, so posters have had to evolve to keep up with them.

A variety of different production methods can be used to produce posters, as their single-page format makes them easily adaptable to different styles and materials. And as these materials have changed, so have the different ways of displaying them. Gone are the days of pinning your poster to the nearest wall or notice board with rusty thumbtacks or sellotape. Now there are better ways to hang your posters in ways that will truly make them stand out - such as with a poster hanger rail.

For businesses on a small budget, posters on hanging rails are a durable and simple way to promote your events, services and products without breaking the bank.

Poster Snap Rail

What Are Poster Hanger Rails?

Poster hanger rails are used in a lot of places. You’ll find them in shopping centres, cafés, alerting customers to new deals in your local supermarket, highlighting sales in shops and even showing off new movie posters in the cinema.

They are simple and functional. All you have to do is attach the poster grips to your design and slide them into the rail, and you can display any poster you wish in pride of place.

Poster hanger rails come on a range of different sizes and can be used to advertise an upcoming event, promote your finest products in your shop window or disseminate information to the public. The rails are easy to use, and are designed to keep your posters clean and safe. What could be better?

Retail Hanging Poster Rail Posters for In Shop Advertising

The Benefits of Poster Hanger Rail

Poster hanger rails are a great, low-budget decision which doesn’t require you to compromise on quality. They’re probably one of the most economical solutions you’ll find right now if you have regular informational or promotional posters that you wish to display without spending a whole lot of money.

Poster hanger rails offer a practical way of displaying your information. The protect your poster from the damage that can be done by blu-tack, sellotape or thumbtacks, while looking very attractive. They can match any decor, coming in a range of designs and styles. They’re also available in a variety of sizes, with the most popular options available in sizes A2, A1 or A0. Poster hanger rails are suitable for hanging posters printed in paper, card, PVC or fabric.

Poster Sizes

These poster hanger rails can easily be mounted on the ceiling or wall, and once they’re up you can change your poster as often as you like with no tools necessary. They’re so easy to maintain and keep in good condition! If you’re looking for a durable display that will last for a long time, poster hanger rails deliver everything you need at a price that doesn’t burn a hole in your operational budget.

If your goal is to keep your promotional advertisements right there in front of the public, poster hanger rails are the perfect solution. If you’re looking for a way to present your information without swamping all of your wall space with poster frames and without spending too much of your marketing budget, poster hanger rails are a great option to go for.

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Four Ways You Can Use Hanging Posters

Hanging up pictures of things you like is a practice that is ages old. Especially if you’ve just moved into a new apartment, decorating your living space by hanging posters and laying out other decorations is always a nice way to get comfortable. Even when humans were still living in caves, we were decorating our surroundings in some way or another. We painted and carved images of the things we saw, or the things we were familiar with.

But we don’t have to paint or carve on the walls to display the images we like anymore. We can use neater hanging posters for so many different things:

Poster Hanger

  1. Use of Attractive Frames at Home or at Your Office. It’s not just supermarkets that can benefit from a stylish poster hanger rail!

  2. Choose Soft and Hard Frames to Display Your Posters, Outdoors or Indoors. A durable snap poster frame can be used if you want to display your promotional advertising outdoors, but indoors, poster hanger rails are king.

  3. Display Posters with a Protective Covering at Home or Work. For posters made of stronger material, Red17 have a heavy duty Poster Clamp which can be used to hang any poster up to 0.5mm thick!

  4. Educational Facilities Frequently Require Changes in Image and Poster Displays. With poster hanger rails, it’s super easy to change the poster on display - no tools required!

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Buy Poster Hanger Rails from Red17

There’s a good reason that our poster hanger rails are so popular in the Red17 online store. We have the perfect rail for any space, with hangers designed to fit many sizes of poster. All of our poster hanger rails are easy to use and made to exceptionally high standards. It takes just a ew seconds to open up the hanger rail and replace the poster it displays. It’s no wonder our customers like them so much!

You can view our selection of stylish poster hanger rails online right now.

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