Creating a Stylish and Functional Office

Creating a Stylish and Functional Office

Office design is something that for many seems relatively straightforward and easy to put together. However, truth be told, it can be quite a hard balance to achieve, especially if you are looking for the perfect combination of a stylish office, with one that is functional too.

To help you to create the perfect office space, no matter your business, we have put together our guide on how to make sure that your office not only looks good, but that it works well for your employees (and for you as their employer too). Have plenty of natural light.

Now, there is not much that you can do when it comes to making sure that your office space has lots of natural light, if the sun doesn’t shine on that part of the building. However, you can try to make the most of any natural light that you do have. You need to make sure that you place desks where your employees get plenty of natural light, however, this shouldn’t then shine on their faces, or make it difficult for them to see what they are doing.

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Choose the right basic furniture

Sometimes the most basic of choices are the most important, and this is definitely true when it comes to office furniture. You are going to want to make sure that the furniture that you choose looks stylish, but most importantly, that it is comfortable for the person sitting and working there. There are a lot of ergonomic desks and chairs out there, which are the go to choice for many people who are furnishing their office space.

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Always have noticed boards and whiteboards

They might not sound like the most stylish of additions, but a whiteboard or some kind of notice board is a really important thing to have in your office space.

Framed whiteboard with desk in trendy office

Not only is it useful for meetings when you might need to jot notes down, but magnetic whiteboards are also useful if you are trying to keep track of holiday allocation and perhaps work tasks too. You can make these a little more stylish by opting for notice boards and whiteboards that look as good as they work or by purchasing a printed planner whiteboard.

Shield design noticeboard with office desk and chair

When it doubt, always put practicality first

One important rule to remember, is if you are struggling to find the balance between style and function, then function should always be the first choice. You need to make sure that your office works well, that it is a place that your employees feel comfortable working within and that it is a space that is designed to meet their needs. If you can make it stylish too, then all the better, but this should never be your main focus.

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So, as you can see, it is possible to have an office that is stylish as well as functional. You just need to think carefully about your placement of things, and make sure that they make your employees life that little bit easier, as well as look good too.

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