Design Factors to Consider for Your Modern Office

Design Factors to Consider for Your Modern Office

Imagine an office. What do you see?

The A-Board Sign has evolved over time, but still remains a firm favourite for all different types of business. Its A-Frame structure provides a sturdy, double-sided display, and its foldable and lightweight design makes it easy to store and transport.

The design and layout of a standard office has changed greatly over the years, and modern offices are sleeker, more efficient and more technologically advanced than ever before. The ways in which we present our ideas and communicate with coworkers is always evolving, but there are some tools – like notice boards and magnetic whiteboards – that have never really gone away.

You may not even have noticed, but tools like combination boards, glass whiteboards and printed organisers are still very much present. Best of both combination boards are perfect for home offices because they incorporate both of these board types without taking up too much space. They are popular in schools and offices, because they can be easily wiped off and reused constantly. They allow us to keep track of our thoughts and ideas, highlight upcoming events and deadlines and hash out ideas that aren’t fully formed yet.

Staff rooms, schools and, yes, offices all make use of this vital invention. The average office will have two key types of board: a notice board, or something that allows staff to keep track of dates and highlight events, and a whiteboard, or something else to write on during a brainstorming session.

Whiteboards: Should I Go Magnetic or Non-Magnetic?

Whiteboards. With so much choice out there, it can be difficult to identify exactly which whiteboard you need, and with budgets getting stricter every year, we thought it was high time we provided our expert opinion on the matter. Whiteboards are an incredibly versatile tool, so whatever type of office you run, installing a whiteboard can provide a wide range of benefits. But should you opt for a magnetic whiteboard or a non-magnetic one?

Magnetic Boards

Magnetic whiteboards are ideal for collaboration and can work well in bringing a classroom or office team together. Opting for a magnetic whiteboard seems like a no-brainer for many offices. But there are a few things that are worth considering when purchasing a magnetic whiteboard.

Pros & Cons

  • Pro:
    Magnetic tape means that you can include colour and turn your plain white canvas into a dynamic grid or calendar.

  • Pro:
    Magnets allow you to pin graphs, graphics and other paper notes to a magnetic whiteboard, helping you bring a boring old brainstorm to life.

  • Con:
    Magnetic whiteboards are often the more costly option, as you have to pay for the benefits of magnetism.

  • Con:
    Because of their metal backing, magnetic whiteboards are often heavier than non-magnetic designs.

Non-Magnetic Boards

Of course, non-magnetic whiteboards don’t have the magnetic qualities discussed above. That doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy of consideration, though!

Pros & Cons

  • Pro:
    Whether you’re looking for a colourful addition to the room, or something that’s dual purpose, non-magnetic whiteboards can be much more versatile in production and therefore come in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

  • Con:
    Where a magnetic version may be able to utilise magnetic shapes or letters, a non-magnetic version cannot.

  • Pro:
    There is often a wider variety of non-magnetic whiteboards available as they are cheaper than their magnetic counterparts. They provide you with a space of limitless creativity and a platform for ideas and concepts.

  • Con:
    There are often less accessories available for non-magnetic whiteboards.

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Getting Creative with the Whiteboard

Using your whiteboard in creative ways will really help you to appreciate the potential of it, so we’re going to be taking a look at some of the most creative ways you can use a whiteboard. As many people will know, a good whiteboard can be a powerful tool in a modern office environment. But without a little creativity, a plain whiteboard can look a bit dull.

  • A creative outlet for employees.
    Self-expression can be a vital tool in the modern office. It’s easy to use your whiteboard for creative expression when they’re not in use, because you can easily just rub it all off when you need the space back.

  • A communication hub.
    A series of brightly-coloured messages written on the whiteboard will look much nicer than a weekly fax or email. This will stop it from looking plain and boring when not in use, and keep important information at the front of everyone’s minds.

  • Inspirational quotes.
    Work can be a real drain sometimes. However, a whiteboard can be used for a really fun and random purpose - to put up some inspirational messages.

  • Games.
    This may not sound too professional, but consider the fun side of a white board. With some whiteboard gridding tape, you could easily rig up some kind of space for noughts and crosses for example.

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Notice boards are another common fixture in the modern office. Cork notice boards are often inexpensive. They generally consist of a cork board (sometimes covered with felt), surrounded by a wooden or metal frame. There are lots of different types of push pin that can work with the boards, so you can pick the one that matches that décor of your space. Notice boards can also come in a wide variety of colours to further increase their potential for customisation.

Notice boards are so vital to organisation and communication in the modern office that some offices go without whiteboards so they can keep their notice board. But you really don’t have to go without a whiteboard and – as outlined above – they’re definitely too important to leave behind! You can have the best of both worlds if you go for a combination board: Half notice board, half whiteboard.

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