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Design the Ultimate Exhibition Stand

You’ll want to make sure you’re using your exhibition stands to their full potential if you’re making the effort to exhibit at a trade show. You’re making a big investment in both time and money. To help you use your exhibition stand to the best of its ability, we’ve put together a quick FAQ list.

What Are Your Trade Show Objectives?

Your reason for exhibiting and trade show objectives need to be clearly defined before you can think about crafting well-designed trade show displays. Exhibition stands and only communicate effectively if the people behind them know their goals. You can make your stand as effective as possible if you identify your objectives and design accordingly.

  • Generating sales: Are you hoping to build relationships with new and existing customers and achieve direct sales or enquiries at your exhibition?

  • Exploring the market: Are you looking to test a campaign or event or get survey and poll responses?

  • Growing your network: Do you want to make contact with alternative distributors and sellers, leaders of the industry or investors, and expand your business network?

  • Brand awareness: Does your business want to expand into a new market or increase brand recognition in a certain field?

  • New product: Do you want to raise awareness of a service, set up demonstrations and interactive areas for visitors, or host a product launch?

Trade show displays are a great way to go about promoting your products, skills and company. When you get to the trade show, you need to already have a strong idea of how you’re going to sell yourself and your business.

Example Trade Show Display Stand

Which Visitors Should I Focus On?

As much as possible, focus on visitors to your stall who fall into your target audience. You can decide who this target audience is once you’ve defined your exhibition goals. When you’re deciding who to target with your stand, consider what type of people will be attending the event. Piquing the interest of your target audience is the name of the game, and your exhibition design should be built with these people in mind: What will capture their attention amongst the many other displays on offer?

Leaflet Handouts at trade show events

When exhibiting at a trade show event, the goal is to build a stand that will really impress your clients. Your display can be make or break for the success of your day. It’s important to have a good idea of what you want your stand to look like, as your setup will all need to be worked out in advance.

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Which Stand Should I Choose?

You need to choose a stand that allows you to use all available space effectively. The amount of space you have to work with will be determined by the location of your stand in the venue, which is a very important consideration when you’re exhibiting. A custom-built display is the best way to fully utilise what’s available when you’re allocated a restricted space. From large traditional builds to pop-up display stands and shell schemes, there are lots of different types of display to choose from. Experienced display experts like Red17 will always be able to help you find the best stand for your event.

Lots of People at tradeshow event

What Could I Advertise on Café Barriers?

With a variety of widths available, it’s easy to have words, messages, graphics, logos etc. printed across cafe barriers. Whether trying to provide a sectioned off area where people can use mobile phones or show people where to queue, many different businesses make use of café barriers. Obviously, there’s also an opportunity for external advertising or cross promotion with cafe barriers, either to showcase your other venues or perhaps even offer advertising space for media partners to bring in extra revenue.

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You can use your branding – such as your marketing messages, social media handles and logo – to advertise on multipurpose café barriers, or use them to display offers like competitions and meal deals. The most popular size for a café barrier is generally around 1.5m, but standard widths can range between one and two meters.

If you need to highlight an access route or an outdoor smoking area, café barriers can be used to make these visible to customers and Health and Safety notices can be detailed on the banners.

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Where Should I Put My Marketing Message?

Bespoke trade show displays offer you complete freedom to get noticed among the crowd. It’s not always necessary to have a massive, imposing stand (though they can be effective at many events). When the placement of your marketing message is carefully considered, smaller display stands can be just as impactful. Your display should always make the key image, idea or slogan at the heart of your promotional objective highly visible.

Trade Show Pop-Up Display Stand - example Pop-Up Stand Display

Potential customers at a distance from your stand should always be able to see the text and images on your stand, so it’s a good idea to place these higher up where they’re less likely to be blocked.

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I Run a Small Creative Enterprise – Why Should I Bother Displaying at Events?

Renting a table at a local market or craft fair is a must for any creative enterprise, no matter how successful you are in selling your crafts online. Events are really important for raising your profile and getting those all-important sales.

  • Face-to-face:
    Many customers prefer to get to know who made their gift when they’re looking for something handmade, creative or unique. They like to put a face to a brand.

  • Exploring the market:
    Creative enterprises can benefit from market research just as much as a larger company – if not more.

  • Growing your network:
    Craft events will allow you to create a robust email list of potential customers and other creatives.

  • Use your sales prowess to seal the deal:
    While you can use expert sales copy and email sequences to help sell your items online, nothing beats the rapport that can be built by a face-to-face interaction.

  • Learn about your competitors:
    Nothing can help you learn about your local market and competitors like taking a stroll through their stalls. See what they have on offer (and what is selling), and learn about what you should – and shouldn’t – do in the future.

  • Your customers can see, touch, and feel your products:
    When people have the opportunity to touch, see, smell, and feel your products in person, they are much more likely to be hooked. You’ve done the hard work – now let customers see it in person.
Table Top Trade Show Folding Panel Display Boards - craft fair example

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