Panorama Leaflet Holder

Leaflet holders are one of the go-to accessories for offices and can be nice to have around, but are they really useful? And should you invest your time and money in leaflet holders? This blog post is going to look at why leaflet holders are a great idea for any business.

Occupy visitors whilst waiting

If you have a waiting room or a seating area where guests and visitors will sit before a meeting or interview, then providing leaflets in neat little leaflet holders is a great way for them to occupy their time. Whilst a neatly stacked pile of leaflets may be slightly impractical, having them readily available in a holder means that visitors are more likely to browse whilst passing the time.

Introduce a little colour

Some offices struggle with introducing colour into the working environment without deviating too much from the professional look. This is easily combatted with an array of leaflet holders as they can spruce up a waiting area nicely and bring a burst of colour with them. Combine this with a few potted plants – real or otherwise – and you’re on to a winner.

Panorama Wall Mounted Leaflet Dispensers

Build partnerships

Although the aesthetic and practical reasons for investing in leaflet holders for the office are persuasive, many businesses neglect the partnership element that is often associated with leaflet distribution. By offering to display leaflets from other local businesses in your waiting area, you will be able to build a network of partnerships where your own leaflets also appear in the waiting rooms of other businesses.

Show your network

When it comes to impressing visitors, guests or clients, displaying this network of partnerships that you have with other local businesses can work in your favour. It showcases you as being cooperative and collaborative, and thus provides the message that you’re a great company to work with. You may even impress when people see exactly who you’ve partnered with.

Advertise your own portfolio

It wouldn’t be right if you didn’t leverage the opportunity for your own means. Utilising leaflet holders around the office means that you can also showcase your own portfolio. This can be incredibly important if you have clients come to visit as it can show them what other work you’ve done, and demonstrate your capabilities.

Keep the place tidy

Most importantly, using leaflet holders is the ideal way for keeping your literature all in one place. Stacks of leaflets can easily be knocked over and strewn about which then means other members of staff must waste their own time tidying the place up when they could be doing their work.

There are a wide variety of benefits to investing in a leaflet holder. Considering it’s an inexpensive investment, there is a great ROI on this type of purchase and can go a long way to improve business image and relationships with those visiting the office. When considering whether an office can benefit from buying leaflet holders, the short answer is yes, yes they can.

Panorama Wall Mounted Leaflet Holder