Everything You Need to Know about Poster Frames

Everything You Need to Know about Poster Frames

If you want to inject some of your own identity and ideas into a room, a good poster is the best way to go. There’s all kinds of choices you can make: Music posters, inspirational quotes, movie posters – you name it, you can get it on a poster. So what’s the best way to display it once you have it unrolled and ready to hang in your space?

Just as there are all different types of posters, there are loads of different poster frames and framing options out there. We’re here to help you figure out the best possible way to display your new poster. At red17.co.uk, we’re sure to have something to fit your poster frame needs.

Simple printed (or even laminated!) A4 notices may very well get the your message across if you’re in a pinch, but for a more classy approach you should check out red17’s great range of poster frames. We have frames to use indoors and outdoors, all of which will make sure your posters and announcements are secure and easy to read.

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Why are poster frames so popular?

It’s no real surprise to us that poster frames have become our most popular range of products: we’ve been selling them for a number of years, and they’ve always been a popular choice. In recent months, poster frames have become even more popular, and there’s a good reason for that.

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Poster Frames Become Red17's Most Popular Product Range

  • Poster frames are adjustable. They can be used for a number of different reasons and in various locations – poster frames are suited to any type of business. That’s why so many customers pick them as their go-to option.

  • Using them is super simple. Poster frames aren’t anywhere near as difficult to set up as many other displays can be. They’re easy to use from the moment they’re installed. It takes no time at all to update your information or change a poster. You won’t waste your time with poster frames.

  • They’re durable. You want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your money when you invest in a new display case. Poster frames are strong and durable, so you know they’re in it for the long haul. One of the top reasons why businesses buy them is that they can be relied on.

Hey, Good Looking!

Posters aren’t an exception to the rule that a good frame can finish off any display perfectly. Using a frame can turn your poster into an instant work of art, protecting it from dog-ears and bringing a whole new layer of professionalism. Show your friends, visitors and customers that you take pride in your business!

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Wall Poster or Hanging Poster?

The practice of hanging up images of things you care about goes back centuries. In fact, it goes back more than that! Just think about the ages of some of the most ancient cave paintings.

Hanging posters are an effective and sophisticated way of displaying your posters if you have limited wall space. Save your walls from the nails and blue-tack stains. They look great, and can be reused over and over again.

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Hanging Posters

How Do I Measure My Poster for a Frame?

In the majority of cases, if you’re using a poster frame you’ll be looking for a frame without a mount (mounts are mostly used for paintings and photographs). In this case, you’ll want to measure the full size of your image from outer edge to outer edge, including any white border around your artwork. If course, if the poster has a border that you don’t want you can easily trim this off before measuring.

As a general rule, the “lip” of the frame will cover around 6-8mm all the way around your poster, so it’s important to make sure this won’t cover any vital designs or information.

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Snap Frames

The humble snap frame is universally used for poster advertising displays, everywhere from high end establishments to nightclub toilets. This frame has been hanging around for years in its “no frills” state because it’s just so effective and so easy to use. It is still as ubiquitous today as ever before, with a design that hasn’t needed to change in years.

The superbly simplistic snap frame will likely always have a place in our hearts, however many other display and advertising trends come and go. It seems that the snap frame really is here to stay in everyday locations like toilets, delis and petrol stations, as well as in high-end establishments like gastropubs and banks.

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Snap Frames

Choose Wisely

The right poster frame will complement your poster, but not draw attention away from it. Flashy and fancy poster frames may look good, but if they’re placed on a non-fancy poster, it’ll just cancel out the effect of the poster itself. This will degrade potential revenue if the poster is being used to sell a product, or simply reduce the poster’s ability to spread awareness of the topic or promotion it discusses. If you’re buying poster frames for your business, you really need to take this into consideration.

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Vandal Resistant

A good poster frame will go a long way to help protect your graphics (though nothing is entirely tamper-proof). Compared to those that are stuck up with tape or Blu Tack, your framed poster will be nicely protected against the general wear and tear of everyday use. It’s not completely foolproof, but it’ll definitely help to save you money in the long run. Your posters will look better for longer, so you won’t have to deal with the costs of reprinting every time someone sneaks in with a marker.

The right frame will keep your posters looking snappy! For more information, check out our poster frame blog posts and our full range of poster frames.

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