Portable Exhibition Pop-up Display Stands

Exhibition Stands on the go! - portable pop-up display stands

If you’re a salesman, marketer, entrepreneur or SME owner, you’ll perhaps feel exhibitions, conferences and events are a necessarily evil. Long hectic hours, seemingly working well before (and after) all the other attendees. However, they can also be extremely beneficial, often resulting in new customers and many opportunities for business development.

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One reason exhibitors are wary of events is the amount of time and energy they take to set up, maintain and stand out from your competitors. If your booth is too small, or too limited in visual content, you’ll lose the interest of many attendees. Equally, if your booth is full of branding, marketing materials and advertisements, it could be a little overwhelming for attendees and also exhausting to set up for you.

However, there’s a far better solution to make your life easier when it comes to exhibition stands - portable pop-up display stands.

Read on to see why you need to think about these innovative exhibition stands for your next trade show.

Pop Up Stands

The advantage of pop-up display stands

Clearly, you’re looking for the ‘happy medium’ when it comes to exhibition stands. Something that is visually appealing, yet easy to set up and as little hassle as possible to maintain.

Portable display systems are perhaps the ‘Holy Grail’ for tradeshow exhibitors; bold enough to catch the eye of thousands but easy enough to transport and setup on your own.

Of course, you also need to use quality display materials - nobody wants to look cheap, especially when the first impression counts. That said, you also want your display stand to appear not only impressive, but also to be noticed quickly. With a pop-up display stand, your display will appear, quite literally, out of the bag - almost like a rabbit from a magician’s hat!

pop-up stand display

What does a ‘pop-up’ display stand actually do?

Pop-up is a phrase that’s banded about a lot these days in marketing, usually to describe temporary booths in malls or at events. However, it relates more to the temporary nature of the unit, whereas pop-up display stands are so named because they literally ‘pop up’ and are ready almost instantaneously.

Quick Set up Portable Trade Show Stand

When they say pop-up display stands literally spring into action, it’s actually a physical description. Although construction may vary a little, the emphasis is on quick erection, sometimes even spring-loaded, so the display stand can be erected (and dismantled) in a jiffy.

A good example is a Quick Tower pop-up display stand, which is easily transported in its own case and is readily assembled due to an innovative frame system. Whilst other exhibitors are spending ages piecing together their stands, you could be up and running in moments, and with an impressive 2 or 3 metres tall display too!

A good alternative to pop-up display stands

If it’s quick and simple display stands you’re looking for, but perhaps you’re on a smaller budget or don’t need a pop-up display stand, you could consider a roller banner stand.

Roller banner stands are also designed for portability and quick assembly, in fact it’s often just a case of retracting a roller vertically upwards and clipping, and you’re ready!

Roller Banner Stands

One look at a roller banner stand, and your visitors will be impressed, as they allow high quality prints and graphic design to displayed in a sleek and stylish manner.

Perhaps you want to make a quick pitch to someone in literally seconds? Just bring your roller banner stand, clip up and in a few seconds you’re showing your prospect how impressive your service really is.

Whilst roller banner stands sound simple, they also have some clever customisable features - such as adjustable feet that can level out for uneven surfaces, or a hybrid telescopic pole that is easy to adjust for height. Premium padded bags add to their practicality, as they allow easy transport of the exhibition stand whilst protecting it from damage.

Ideas for maximising pop-up display stands

Exhibition stands can sometimes be complex, but with pop-up and roller banner display stands, trade show life is made a whole lot easier. However, it’s not just tradeshows where pop-up display stands work well.

Networking events are becoming more popular, and often you’ve only a few minutes of time to speak and pitch to prospects. Imagine the impression you create if you can quickly display your message visually, without needing all day or acres of floor space to set up?

When you’re looking to make an announcement at work, or perhaps advertise an event, pop-up display stands are a terrific option. They are easy to position and set up and can safely be left unattended for maximum visibility. Ideal for shop displays, office receptions and even inside meeting rooms, pop-up display stands are not just for exhibitions.

Branding, as well as announcements or advertising, is a prime use of exhibition stands. Sometimes just leaving your logo and social media details is enough to provoke interest, as customers are often wary of brands that are seeming to ‘sell’ instantly.

Conclusion: exhibition stands are not just for exhibitions

With pop-up display stands, or even roller banner stands, long and complex display stands are a thing of the past.

  • No more fighting with temperamental components, or forgetting how everything fits together.
  • No more lugging five bags around, or needing a trolley to transport all your display materials. One bag, one display stand, one solution for everyone.
  • Practicality and speed of erection of exhibition stands does not mean a compromise on quality. A variety of visually impressive materials is available to make your pop-up display stand look sleek, professional and stylish.

Why not check out the range of exhibition stands available as pop-up display stands and roller banner stands today? Your business - as well as your new customers - will thank you for it!

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