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Why exhibitors at craft fairs do better with Folding Panel Display Boards

Everyone seems to agree – if you make or create some kind of craft, you can boost your sales by setting up a booth at local craft fairs. While you might be tempted to stick to selling your wares online, on Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, eBay, and/or an Etsy shop, getting out there in person can do wonders for your sales.

That said, setting up a table and laying out your wares might not be the best way to draw attention to what you have on offer. There will be plenty of other sellers there, all of whom will have vinyl banners, customised signage, and branded display panels. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to utilise every competitive advantage possible.

The best way to do this? Invest in one or more folding display boards to add an extra level of professionalism to your offerings.

7 Panel display boards - stand example

Why should you sell your wares at a craft fair?

You might be used to selling your crafts online, but any savvy seller should consider renting a table at a local craft fair. These are just some of the ways that this can help you boost your sales and raise your profile.

Trade Show folding panel display boards - example in situ

  • Tell your story in person –

    When customers are buying something local, unique, and handmade, they often like to put a face to a brand, and get to know who made their gift. When you sell your products at a craft fair, you can help personalise your products and make a name for yourself in the community – and beyond.

  • Your customers can see, touch, and feel your products –

    When people have the opportunity to touch, see, smell, and feel your products in person, they are much more likely to be hooked. You’ve done the hard work – now let customers see it in person.

  • You can conduct face to face market research –

    When someone abandons their cart on your web shop, you don’t have the opportunity to ask them questions about why they didn’t go through with their purchase. When you are displaying your products at a craft fair on a folding panel display board, you can ask browsers about what they would prefer to see, modifications they would appreciate, and what would be more likely to make them buy in the future.

  • Learn about your competitors -

    Nothing can help you learn about your local market and competitors like taking a stroll through their stalls. See what they have on offer (and what is selling), and learn about what you should – and shouldn’t do – in the future.

  • You can create a robust email list –

    Consider offering a giveaway or contest to the craft fair attendees. Not only does this drum up interest in your booth, it can also help you to build a highly targeted mailing list of people in your local area.

  • Use your sales prowess to seal the deal –

    While you can use expert sales copy and email sequences to help sell your items online, nothing beats the rapport that can be built by a face to face interaction.

Meet, greet and sell at craft fairs and tradeshows

What is a Folding Panel Display Board?

The folding display board is a masterpiece. It’s the perfect way to display notices in the office, display artwork at shows, or even haul along to an exhibition to act as a way to drawn in new clients. The interlocking design of folding display boards means that anyone can put one together, and they’re so easy to take down at the end of a long day. Get rid of those heavy pull-up banners, paper-laden tables, and scruffy-looking table banners; and instead, replace all of those with the simple and strong structure of a folding display board.

Easily transportable in carry bag

Folding panel display boards are functional and efficient portable displays that are ideal for displaying your goods at a craft fair. They make your booth look professional, and help you to stand out from the crowd. These are extremely cost effective, and allow you to display leaflets, pamphlets, and photos, and change these materials with ease.

Easy set up to any configuration

The benefits of Folding Panel Display Boards at Craft Fairs

If you are considering investing in some accessories or display materials for your small business, you should consider the benefits of folding panel display boards.

  • They are cost effective and affordable for even the smallest of home businesses.
  • They look professional and tie your display booth together, attracting buyers to your booth.
  • They help you stand out from the crowd at any craft fair, drawing customers to your area and assuring them that you are a legitimate business.
  • They fold down and assemble quickly and easily, even for one person wrangling the display on their own.
  • They are lightweight – anyone can lift and carry them without any assistance.
  • They fold down quickly and easily into a taxi or the boot of your car, making them transportable and versatile for many different settings.
  • They come in handy for loads of purposes, and can be used at trade shows, conventions, and craft fairs.

Examples of folding display board types

5 Additional Uses of Folding Panel Display Boards:

1. Folding display boards for the office

Every office has a notice board. A plain, over- or underused notice board stuck to a wall. It’s likely that it has been walked by hundreds of times every day without anyone taking a moment to glance at it. That’s the thing about notice boards; they’re unobtrusive, but that also makes them unnoticeable.

A folding display is different. It can stand tall and strong in the corner of your office, and it can even become part of the decoration, if it’s incorporated correctly. Imagine an unused space in your office, with a freestanding folding display being used as a noticeboard. Each panel relating to a different subject. You could even use the both sides of the board interchangeably! One side for day-to-day office notices that are always there, and the other for the holidays and celebrations of the year. Turn it around, and voila! Instant atmosphere change.

2. Folding display boards for schools

Schools often incorporate different ways of displaying important literature to parents and children, but they also display artwork and celebrate the children that are there. With a folding display board, institutions of education could easily do both. An even-numbered board could be split in half, with one side being used for school-wide notices and event information, while the other is used to showcase the wonders that the children create, or the awards that they gain.

Thanks to the bright colours that the folding display boards are available in, they can liven up even the dimmest of corridors and classrooms.

School with pupil showing off work on a panel display board stand

3. Folding display boards for exhibitions

Using a folding display board for a trading show or an exhibition is just a given. There’s a huge lack of space at these shows, where each “table” is allocated a small area to display in. A table can’t do much, and huge banners can look unsightly or boring. By incorporating a folding display board, you can display more things and choose exactly how much space you take up.

4. Using Folding Panel Display Boards for your MLM sales

Not everyone selling items at craft fairs has made those items themselves. In fact, some of the biggest money makers at local events are individuals selling products from MLM companies. Let’s face it, MLMs (multilevel marketing) are big business, precisely because they have identified a gap in the market that they are then able to fill.

Some of the most popular MLM companies in the UK include Herbalife, Amway, Arbonne, Forever Living, and The Utility Warehouse. If you are selling any of these products, you face some fierce competition from other sellers in your community.

One of the best ways to get ahead of your competitors is to set up a booth at a local craft fair. Speak with the organisers to ensure that no one else from this company will be present, and then get ready to make plenty of new contacts and recruit new members of your team.

Just make sure that your stall or booth looks its very best – a folding panel display board will boost your profile at the fair, and boost your sales.

5. Cost effective displays

As for other uses for these boards, there are many. One that comes to mind is using boards to display menu items at cafés and restaurants. With their interlocking design, you only really need two panels for the display to stand up on its own, which makes it a cost effective way to advertise just about anything at all!

The Different Types of Folding Panel Display Boards Available

  • Folding Display Boards (6 to 10 panel system)
    This classic option is well suited to a variety of purposes, perfect for trade shows or conventions.

  • 7 Panel display boards lightweight system example photo

  • Extra Large Display Boards (6 to 10 panel system) –
    If you need more space for your display, this extra large board gives you more options and room.

  • 10 panel extra large folding display board stand

  • Busyfold Heavy Duty Folding Panel Display Boards –
    If you want to display heavy items or need something more robust, the Busyfold option might be best. It features aluminum framing, a secure panel locking system, and an interlocking gear hinge mechanism.

  • Heavy Duty Panel Display Boards - stand

  • Table top lightweight folding boards
    This design is ideal for craft fairs, conventions, and trade shows where space is at a premium, but you still want to put your best foot forward.

  • Table top lightweight folding boards

  • Table top heavy duty folding boards –
    Perfect for when you have a small space, but still want heavy duty quality and robust functionality.

  • Table top heavy duty folding boards

Choosing the right folding panel display boards

Are you having trouble deciding upon the best folding panel display boards for your small enterprise? If you are wondering about which option is best for displaying your items at a craft fair, call or email our sales team today. The experts at Red17 have years of experience with folding panel display boards, and we can help you choose the right model (or models) for your needs. We’re happy to help!

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