Fun Filled Festival of Feather Flags

Fun-Filled Festivals of Feather Flags

Go back and read that title again. Now, try to repeat it five times. Quite the tongue twister, isn’t it?

Thankfully, this difficulty doesn’t extend to the use of banner flag poles for advertising and promotion. With the use of portable flag poles, it’s never been easier to publicise your business at a busy, public event.

Why Use Branded Flags?

Picture the scene. You’re at a crowded exposition, with hundreds of businesses vying for your attention. How to do you locate a booth that interests you?

A bright, branded banner flag pole can be the difference between achieving prominence and being just another face in the crowd. Any design can be applied to a banner flag, so the only limits are your own imagination. Just some of the options open to you include:

  • A simple but effective brand logo.
    Sometimes, the direct approach is best. A well-positioned banner flag pole bearing your company’s name or logo will alert customers as to where to find you.

  • An important message.
    If you’re looking for more than just a logo, why not share a message with your customers? A banner flag pole can be an opportunity to spread the good word.

  • Promotions and sales.
    Want your customers to understand that you’re offering something a little different? Why not use a portable banner flag to announce discounts.

  • Menu items, or service options.
    If you’re in the catering industry, why not advertise a number of mouth-watering menu items on banner flag poles? If you’re trading at an expo and offering a variety of services, consider applying one of each of these to a flag. Less is never more when it comes to advertising your services!

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Really, there is no limit to what you can achieve with banner flags. If you’re looking for a low-cost and high-impact advertising campaign, this is the optimum solution.

Portable Flag Banners

What Makes the Perfect Banner Flag?

The short and simple answer is, “one that works.” There are four key components to the ideal flag, however.

  • Colours.
    Very little catches the eye and stands out more than a bright and impactful colour scheme.

  • Bright Colours Example Pic

  • Clarity.
    People should know what your flag represents, at a glance. Keep your logo front and centre!

  • Pepsi Branded Portable Flag Pole

  • Readability.
    If somebody doesn’t know your company’s logo on-sight, ensure they can quickly make it out.

  • Outdoor Tradeshow display with flags

  • Location.
    Of course, there is no point in having the perfect flag is nobody will see it. Experiment with a number of different locations, and find the perfect spot for your portable flag pole.

Banner flag poles are hugely effective, but they can only be as impactful as you’ll allow them to be. Ensure that your design matches up to these criteria to give yourself the best possible chance of success.

Are Portable Flag Poles Easily Manoeuvred?

Another substantial selling point of portable flag poles is that they are wholly movable. You can set up your banner flag pole anywhere that they’ll prove to be successful. This could even include the back of a human billboard.

The lightweight material used to create banner flag poles even ensures they can be worn, carried and displayed by staff and volunteers! Forget the old-fashioned days of a sandwich board. Patrons can wander an event brandishing your portable flag pole, attracting attention wherever they go. This is also ideal for anybody looking to provide paper advertising, such as hand-outs and leaflets to possible customers.

Lightweight portable flags with cross base examples picture 1

Are you trading or presenting outside, such as at a festival? Then why not let the wind do the work for you! A banner flag will blow and billow in the breeze capturing the attention of anybody that may pass. Even indoors, at an expo, a banner flag pole will provide a three-dimensional entity that’s sure to capture the eye. Banners can blend into each other among a sea of rival businesses. Flags always stand apart.

Trading outdoors at a festival stand

Of course, another great selling point about portable flag poles is the ability to take advantage of changing circumstances. If you’re struggling to attract attention in one location, you can easily pack up and move onto the next. Once you’re purchased portable flag poles, they can also be recycled and re-used at a variety of different events.

Back-Pack Street Flags

Can Branded Flags be Used for Anything Besides Advertising?

The primary use of banner flag poles is undoubtedly advertising. However, this doesn’t mean that they serve no other useful purpose. Just some of the alternative uses for portable flag poles include:

  • Directions.
    Busy events can quickly turn into a procession of dazed and confused patrons, wandering in circles. Use a parade of banner flag poles to direct your potential customers where you need them.

  • Health and Safety Instructions.
    If you have an important message to relay, you’ll want to ensure that it’s read. Stand out against the crowd by announcing significant information through a banner flag pole.

  • Dividing Areas.
    A feather banner flag pole can be an impactful, but inoffensive, way of dividing particular areas of a booth or territory.

Zoom Lite Flags by Red17

As always, the only limits placed upon banner flag poles if your own creativity. Take a look at the options available on, and make an appropriate decision.

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What Branded Flag Shapes are Available?

There are a wide variety of banner flag poles available to an interested party.

The portable flag poles available on come in multiple sizes, from miniature to large. The options are not limited to simply planting a flag in the ground, however. Consider a banner flag pole that can be worn and paraded by a staff member, screwless flag kits that can be applied directly to a flat surface, or even a lamp post banner.

Adidas Flag Poles and Flags

Whatever format you choose for your portable flag pole, you can be sure that you’ve made a sound business decision. For a wholly reasonable outlay, you can enjoy a lifetime of high-yield movable and versatile advertising. Little compares to the impact of the humble portable flag pole.

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