How to Grab Attention With Outdoor Notice Boards

How to Grab Attention With Outdoor Notice Boards

An outdoor notice board can really help you to grab the attention of members of your community. Anyone walking past an outdoor notice board is bound to have their interest piqued! It’s a common sight to see neighbours and passersby stopping to check out the new notices posted, mingling with one another, and jotting down information.

Outdoor notice boards are ideal in a plethora of different settings. Some of the most common places to install them include school grounds, village halls, parishes, restaurants, outside of pubs, in churches, office building lobbies, and sporting grounds.

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Why should you use an outdoor notice board?

Simply put, outdoor notice boards help you get ‘noticed!’ They look professional and build awareness of local events, and help businesses boost their sales. But what makes our lockable and waterproof outdoor notice boards so much better than the alternatives?

  • They are waterproof –
    Outdoor notice boards are covered with a clear, hinged window and sealed with a rubber seal. This prevents the rain and damp from getting inside, and keeps your posters looking smart and clearly legible. In the British climate, this is especially important!

  • They are lockable –
    Lockable notice boards are extremely beneficial, as they prevent vandals from ruining your property and defacing your posters and signage. The locking mechanism also prevents just anyone from adding posters whenever they feel like doing so. You have the power to veto any poster that you do not feel is appropriate or on brand.

  • They can become a local community hub –
    When you install your outdoor notice board, you will soon start to notice people going out of their way to have a look at what is posted. Before long, an outdoor notice board in front of a church, school, or pub will become a community hub, with people meeting with each other there for a gossip!

  • They can keep parents and students informed –
    Outdoor notice boards offer an ideal place to post information at schools or colleges. These boards are located outside, so busy parents don’t have to come into the halls to get the news that they need. An external notice board can provide info about holidays, school trips, upcoming events, sales, and exams. They can also be a great place to congratulate students on their achievements, and celebrate birthdays.

  • They can advertise specials, sales, and new products on offer –
    Whether you are launching a new product or trying to drum up business during a big sale, an outdoor notice board can help. Placing adverts in a community notice board is a good strategy, but setting up your own external notice board is an even better idea! That way you can control exactly what gets posted, and use it to boost your sales.

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Catching attention with outdoor notice boards

Now that you know just how effective outdoor notice boards can be, it’s time to think about your posters and signs. You’re familiar with all of the different places you can install external notice boards, and now you need to think about boosting their efficacy.

Here are some tested and effective ways to grab the attention of people who are walking past your notice board.

  • Include a QR code on your poster –
    In the past, people often made ‘tearaway’ pieces at the bottom of paper posters so that passersby could call later. Today, we all have our phones in our hands! In order to take advantage of the ever-present smart phone, include a QR code on your poster.

    A QR code is a digital bar code designed to be scanned by a smartphone camera. An interested party can scan the code and instantly gain the information that they need. You can link your QR code directly to your website, sign-up form, or other promotional material.

  • Don’t underestimate the power of a bright colour –
    People have always printed flyers and posters on brightly coloured paper, and for good reason! Bold and bright colours capture the attention, and command passersby to stop and have a look at what the sign says.

    Think about your colours carefully – green signals a local environmental events, while yellow is often a good colour for advisories. Hot pink is a lot of fun, perfect for fetes and parties. However, you do need to make sure that your ink stands out on the colour that you choose – avoid colours that are too dark (unless you are printing on them with white or metallic ink).

  • Choose your font carefully –
    If you want your outdoor notice board sign to really send a message, people have to be able to read what it says! Use a clear font – avoid those that look like cursive. If you want people to take your message seriously, you should also avoid ‘goofy’ or silly fonts, such as the dreaded Comic Sans.

    Handwritten signs can be effective in some cases, but think about the message you want to project. Handwritten signs can look a bit ‘hokey!’ If you do use your own writing, make sure that you print (rather than using cursive). Run your sign past a few people to ensure that they can read it clearly.

  • Use bold ink –
    When you are printing your posters, it’s not the right time to let your ink run low! In order for your poster to catch the attention of people walking past, they need to be able to read it from a distance. Use a large, bold font setting, and make sure that your ink is fresh and bright.

  • Space things out nicely –
    If you try to cram too much information onto your poster, you will end up confusing the eye of your reader. Sometimes less is truly more! Space things out evenly, and make sure that your most important information is set in large, clear headings.

  • A picture is worth a thousand words –
    Some posters can really benefit from a photo or two in order to boost their message and make things even more clear. For instance, if you have lost a pet, or you are selling a bike, including a photo will make your poster stand out, and give people a clear idea of what you are talking about. Just make sure that your photo is clear – a blurry photo will just confuse matters more.

  • Keep things neat and tidy –
    A messy, disorganised layout will cause anyone to look away and ignore your poster completely! People are drawn to neat and tidy design, and they will take more time to stop and read your missive if it looks like you put thought and care into the result.

    Make sure that your poster looks good from a variety of different angles. When in doubt, remember that less is more! It can be a good idea to remove some elements if things start to seem messy.

  • Check your spelling and grammar carefully –
    Misspelled words, missing punctuation, and poor grammar – all of these things will cause you to swiftly lose credibility in the minds of your reader. This is less important when you are looking for a missing cat, but extremely important when trying to gain trust and sell services or products! Always have someone give your document a good proofreading before posting it up on an outdoor notice board.

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Get in touch with Red17 for Outdoor Notice Boards

Red17 offers a wide range outdoor notice boards, suitable for diverse settings. We have a lot of styles to choose from, including freestanding options, and wall-mounted choices. You can make your mark on your outdoor notice board and customise it to you brand and setting – choose from loads of different sizes and colours.

We stock many different notice board options, and can help you narrow down the best for your needs and setting. Call or email the knowledgeable and friendly team here at Red17 with any of your questions about choosing an outdoor notice board.

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