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Guide to Communicating with Signs

People can tell a lot about your business based on the products and offers you choose to advertise, and external and internal signage are a great way to keep your customer base well-informed. All day, every day, consumers are bombarded with advertisements of all sorts. Depending on where you are, the amount of adverts you see each day may have increased to 4000, and those adverts will feature images, words, sounds, sometimes even tastes. You can’t afford to forget about advertising if you’re a retailer, no matter how tiring the constant stream may be.

You need to use your signage to communicate with class, style and authority, and the signage experts at Red17 can help you do just that. Your signage needs to make everything you have to offer a potential customer visible. A non-illuminated poster or sign will do far less to promote your business than a promotional poster or corporate sign presented in a display light box, which uses a combination of colour and light to catch a potential customer’s eye. They allow your promotional materials to work to their full potential, providing two types of signage that serve two different purposes, all using the same tool. That’s why signage options like outdoor light boxes are widely considered to be one of the most effective advertising mediums available today.

To learn everything there is to know about indoor and outdoor signage products, keep reading!

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A Good Sign Tells a Story

If you want to create a link between your product and your customer, you need an advertisement that tells a story. This is the only way for your signage to have its full effect. Your customer wants to know what happens to the money they’re giving you because today, people don’t just want a television set – or a cup of coffee or t-shirt or carton of eggs – they want to know who designed that TV, and why that TV is the best product for them.

All of this can be explained to your customer through your promotion, and retailers have the opportunity here to make it look great through clever imagery and design. You get to really show your personality here: it’s your chance to create interest. Your signage should be used to highlight your main selling point, whether that’s an exclusive, a new product line or just a great price offer. At the end of the day, people won’t buy what they can’t see.

You need to make the most of any signage you have, which is why products that can be used indoors and out – such as light boxes and chalkboards – are so important. Once you’ve created the perfect advertising campaign, you’ll want to share it in as many places as possible.

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Above all else, don’t ever treat your signage like an afterthought you can take or leave. It should be thought about as part of your business plan, as it will likely be the first part of your brand that potential customers will come in contact with.

Where Should You Install LED Light Boxes?

LED light boxes are excellent tools to illuminate your posters and existing signage, and are extremely versatile for anything you plan to print in the future. If you want your LED light box to do ‘double duty,’ select a double sided light box display. If you don’t have enough window space, or you want to promote your message inside a department store, conference floor, or showroom, choose a free-standing illuminated display.

For maximum results, you need to leverage your outdoor light box into success for your retail location. So where should you install it? In which location will an LED light box be most effective?

  • Airports and travel centres can use light boxes to display timetables and announcements. These should be displayed in the waiting area or departure lounge.
  • Any business premises can use a light box to display their branding or corporate signage if they install it in an area of high traffic.
  • Pubs, stores and cafés can use light boxes as point-of-sale displays.
  • Showrooms can place light boxes by information points to display their sales and offers.
  • Fates, open farms and other seasonal businesses can display light boxes by their entrances to give visitors all the information they need.
  • Outdoor market businesses can use light boxes on their display tables to make sure customers can still see their prices in the evening time.
  • Classrooms or schools, perfect for parent info or dinner menus.
  • Trade shows or exhibitions.
  • Restaurant signage and menu boards.
  • Outdoor advertising in your car park or facing onto the street.
  • To promote specials or sales in a shop or eatery.

Businesses with windows onto busy streets can advertise to potential patrons who are walking past on the street as well as customers inside the shop by placing double-sided displays in the shop window.

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Keep reading for more information on maximising the impact of your signage!

Outdoor Signs

Sustainable marketing is the name of the game, and businesses that seek the best and most cost-effective way to get their name seen know that Red17 is the best place to look. Outdoor signs should make potential customers want to enter your building, so they need to be visually pleasing and sufficiently informative. Letting customers know what you do, why you do it and where they can find you is the main aim of exterior signage.

More permanent signage like posters and name signs will be used for long periods of time and not brought inside once the business closes for the night, so it’s important that you invest in a water resilient product that allows you to advertise in all weathers. Portability is another key feature of a good outdoor sign, as many products – like A-frames and forecourt signs – need to be brought in at the end of the day.

You also need to make sure your sign is large enough to be visible from a distance, as prospective customers need to have their eyes caught by your exterior signage.

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If you want your business to get noticed from afar, a good outdoor sign is the key. You want to pull potential customers to your window, so you need a sign that gives them all the necessary information and captures their attention.

Signage Products and Branding for Your Business

Helping customers recognise your business immediately is another key role of signage, and the primary reason for incorporating your brand into your signage. It’s supposed to highlight everything you stand for, including what your values are. A few images and a catchy tagline aren’t all there is to a company’s brand.

You want your existing customers and potential clients to engage with your branded signage in such a way that it elicits an emotional response.

  • As we’ve explained above, indicating your business’ location in a visible, uncomplicated way is one of the advantages of signage. Your company may choose to attract attention using a product like a pavement sign, while others may use an outdoor light box.

  • Remember that there’s more to signage than branding. Some signs simply point the way to the toilets, while other instructional indoor signs are designed to direct customers to certain products. These signs can still reflect your brand – they don’t have to be completely generic.

  • If you like to change your promotions from time to time, products like poster frames and cases are perfect. You can replace your brand content and signage as often as you like once you’ve mounted these on your wall.

  • Whatever signage you opt for, try to think of some way to make it unique to your business.

  • There’s a wide variety of different signage products that you can choose from including portable flagpoles and banners and even light-box displays that can brighten up corners of your business premises.

  • Signage can also be used to send specific messages. Maybe you’re a bar or restaurant and you want to reveal the dishes of the day to passing traffic. Perhaps you run a store and have a sale on and want something bright and cheerful out on the street to attract attention.

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So many retailers use branded signage to increase footfall into their stores, that you really can’t afford to miss out. That said, impressions last a lifetime, and signage does have the potential to give customers the wrong impression if it’s done wrong. If you want to reap the financial benefits of your sign, be sure to bear these things in mind when you work to maximise your signage impact.

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Blackboard Signs

The type of sign you choose can have a big impact. Think about the people you want to attract: is this sign large enough for them to see it, and is it pointed towards them? You need a sign that’s large enough to catch the eye, but still easy enough to take indoors during closing hours if necessary – A-frames and chalkboards are ideal here.

Your Message

With chalkboard signs, you get to write your own message every day. Does that message make it clear what your business is offering? Do you need to think about your writing style? A printed sign may be a simpler solution if you don’t want to change your message regularly. That way, you won’t have to re-write it every time it rains.

Signs are also available that are printed in one part but allow for writing in other parts, which is great for businesses that want to update their message regularly without losing the opportunity to display their branding neatly. Just be sure that you’ve written it in legible handwriting if you do opt to write the board yourself, and keep your message strong and clear.

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Your Location

To see which spots work best, try setting up your sign in a few different positions and seeing what happens. Will you need an arrow pointing to your front door? If you want to attract walkers or drivers, will you need to set it up at a distance from your premises?

Signs in the Window

Your customer’s attention needs to be caught in seconds if you want to make a sale. The first thing your customer sees when they look to your shop is the window. Whether it’s a special offer or a new product line, the shop window is the perfect platform for highlighting any message you want to get across. The finest products you have on offer can be showcased here if you upgrade your window display into a carefully designed counter display.

Wine retailers could highlight tasting sessions and other events in the window, for example, while galleries can exhibit information and samples of the newest works on display. You can also communicate these messages using smaller signs and displays if creating a brand new window display regularly is too time-consuming.

If you do set up a window display, don’t neglect the selling power of seasonal events like Easter, summer holidays, Valentine’s day, Father’s Day, Halloween and Mother’s Day. Highlight these Hallmark events well in advance if you’re a retailer so you can get ahead of the competition.

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Indoor Signs

Your sales could be increased by up to 229% by a well-planned hotspot, while a good display may increase sales by more than 540%. Whatever your business, having relevant signage in store can make a massive change to your selling power. Make sure you don’t miss out: one third of all sales are lost due to poor pricing and signage, so be sure to give your in-store communication a quick health check.

The Power of Categories

Your customer’s journey can be made much easier and more enjoyable if you compartmentalise your store. Consider ways you can replicate the signage used in big retailers like Waitrose and Asda to point out exactly in each aisle, as it can be just as beneficial in smaller spaces. If you sell specialist products like alcohol, for example, split things up. Keep your whiskeys from your gins, and divide up your wines by region so that every customer can leave feeling like an expert.

Directing your customers to the right places won’t stop them picking up extra items they hadn’t planned to buy, but it will make their shopping experience less stressful and improve their likelihood of a repeat visit. For instance, if you run a farm shop or a grocer’s, try using wall-hanging signage to separate your dry goods from your fresh produce, or your meat from your veg.

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New product sections are also common with online retailers, who tend to categorise their websites by things like product groups and special offers. Following this trend makes it easier for your customers to shop, as most brands categorise things automatically. There are so many indoor signage options out there. All you need to do is choose your sign type and get going.

What’s on Offer?

There’s really no mystery as to why coffee shops and food spots are leading the way with wall-mounted menus. They give customers a clear idea of how much everything costs, and their size allows retailers to highlight vast amounts of information about what’s on offer. They’re easily spotted and great for exposure as they hold a premium merchandising spot.

The In-Store Hotspot

If you want to promote and draw attention to any products in particular, in-store hotspot signage is a great way to push these. Christmas and other seasonal events can be easily incorporated into these displays to make them extra beneficial. Your customers will love having a specific point that combines information and design, and they’re great conversation starters if you want to build those customer relationships.

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Make the Prices CLEAR

Don’t forget to add price labels to your products – it’s an easy thing to forget, but we mustn’t expect our customers to be mind-readers! The customer won’t want to ask for a price that isn’t written down if the product looks like it could be too expensive. They’re more likely to walk straight out if you’re busy with something else, as they won’t want to wait for something they may not even buy. Don’t let that potential sale get away!

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