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Home Office Tools and Stationery Ideas

Whether you’re working from home or using the COVID-19 Lockdown as an opportunity to try out a new remote learning opportunity, home office tools like whiteboards and notebooks and regular everyday stationery is really starting to come into greater use in the home. Next time you head out for essentials or place an order online, don’t forget to add these vital tools to your basket!

1. Home Whiteboard

The location of your whiteboard and what you use it for will determine the type of surface that will work best for you. These can come in handy in so many different ways around the house and even if they all look the same, there can be a big difference in quality between one whiteboard surface and the next. The fact that whatever is written on the whiteboard can be erased immediately is also a benefit, as things can change at a moment’s notice, or mistakes can be made, and it is important to be able to rectify these quickly and without any mess or fuss.

Whiteboards come in three main types:

  • Magnetic whiteboards.
  • Glass whiteboards.
  • Economy whiteboards.

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Of the three key whiteboard types, standard non-magnetic whiteboards are the cheapest and most basic. If your whiteboard is only needed for casual writing and erasing, such as in an office or classroom where the board does not run the risk of getting damaged or scratched, these boards are perfect. Printed whiteboards are also available with designs and grids already drawn on the board permanently, but this can create an issue if you decide the board you were using as a timetable would now work best as a blank canvas.

The intended uses of your whiteboard will also determine the different whiteboard accessories you’ll want to invest in alongside your board.

Close up of an office whiteboard mobile whiteboard with pen tray and pens

2. Notepads

Your notepad is the tool you want to have at hand at all times. They’re a noteworthy addition to your stationery perfect for visualising ideas, taking down messages and scribbling doodles and designs. A good notepad is a vital part of any project plan and can be filled with papers and photographs, colour-coded information in different coloured pens and post-its to split it into chapters and sections.

Always remember that if you have more than one project on the go, it may be best to invest in more than one notepad. Buy notepads of vastly different designs to make it easier to tell them apart, or get them all from one range so that they go neatly together on your desk.

3. Compliment Slips & Custom Stationery

In business, you only get one first impression. Your clients or customers will be quick to develop positive associations with you if they receive professionally-printed, branded compliment slips and letters on custom stationery from your company. This little extra step can really give you a professional edge over competitors.

Pencils and Sketch Pad

There are loads of companies that will allow you to order printed stationery remotely, so why not use this time working from home to get your postal strategy pinned down? Now more than ever, people will be paying attention to the few letters that come to their homes – take advantage of that!

4. Notice Boards

Everyone needs somewhere to pin their reminders, calendars, important information, photos, tickets, upcoming events and flyers... so why not invest in a stylish notice board to accommodate those needs.

trendy home office with notice board

With a wide variety of sizes, colours and styles of notice boards available at red17 you're sure to find the right one for you.

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5. Appointment Cards

With so many times to keep and conferences to attend, it’s easy to get your appointments mixed up these days. Branded appointment cards are a simple way to take that hassle away for your customers. Schedule the date to avoid any future mistakes!

Note Pad and Coloured pins

6. Whiteboard Magnets

Whether you opt for coloured magnets or just regular plain ones they are incredibly valuable for a number of reasons. Every magnetic whiteboard can benefit from having a few whiteboard magnets around as they’re one of the most versatile whiteboard accessories and offer a number of great uses. They allow you to hold documents in place on the whiteboard, for example, just like press pins are used on a more old-fashioned notice board.

Whiteboard magnets can also be used as graph markers for charts and grids, and many people use them alongside whiteboard gridding tape for this reason.

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7. Business Cards

Your business toolkit isn’t complete without a good business card. They allow potential clients to see what sets you apart from the rest and provide immediate knowledge of your identity with how to contact you. A business card is an indispensable instrument for network, and a great opportunity to allow your personality to shine through.

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8. Whiteboard Professional Magnetic Eraser

The refill strips on our magnetic erasers can easily be replaced to keep it effective, saving you time and money in maintenance. When it comes to keeping your whiteboard clean, an effective and hygienic board eraser can make all the difference. Red17’s magnetic whiteboard eraser is the perfect solution if your whiteboard has developed an off-white, unattractive appearance. This cleaning problem is primarily caused by wiping a board with inappropriate cleaning products like dirty erasers and rags along with the regular use of the whiteboard.

Whiteboard Professional Magnetic Eraser View Product

You may be creating more work for yourself in the long run if you spread ink all over your board’s surface with a dirty eraser, rag or blue roll, and these tools all look quite unprofessional.

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Why Should I Consider a Magnetic Whiteboard?

There are many different uses for a magnetic whiteboard, and this versatility is one of the best things about them. They allow easy communication, and are perfect for businesses now operating via web services like Zoom and Skype as they provide a visual tool to explain things that are difficult to put in words. Even after a great number of uses, as long as you use the correct pens, you’ll find that your magnetic whiteboard remains clean.

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