How Can Different Types of Chalkboard Signs Help Your Business?

How Can Different Types of Chalkboard Signs Help Your Business?

There are many different types of chalkboards available on the market, all designed to help your business. Which ones are best for your business?

Why are chalkboard signs so useful and effective?

Businesses all over the world use chalkboard signs to promote their offerings and generate sales. They are economical, professional, and easy to alter, making them a practical and useful for a variety of businesses. There’s a reason you’ll see chalkboard signs outside of pubs, galleries, cafes, restaurants, and shops – they work!

Why keep the chalkboard outside on the pavement? There are a variety of chalkboard signs meant to be displayed inside your business. Framed options, table top models, and chalkboard panels are all perfect for the walls or tables.

The different types of chalkboard signs

  • Table Top Chalkboards
    Table top chalkboards are perfect for providing your guests with information about you restaurant or pub, including food specials, happy hour drinks, WiFi passwords, and your opening hours.

  • A-Board Signs
    An A-Board Sign on the pavement generates interest in your business, helps you gain new walk-ins, and can be a brilliant place for witty quotes.

  • Chalkboard Panels
    A chalkboard panel is an easy and attractive place to write specials, passwords, and ‘thoughts of the day.

  • Chalk Insert Panels
    Chalk Insert Panels are an economical and convenient choice, as you can fi them easily into your existing sign boards, allowing you to make the most of your existing materials and promotions.

  • Exterior Traditional Chalk A-Board Signs
    Traditional Chalk A-Board Signs are designed to be placed on the pavement outside of your business or restaurant, and are ideal for displaying specials, quotes, and opening times.

  • Framed Chalkboards
    Framed chalkboards look great in a business context, and are a brilliant place for restaurants and cafes to show their daily specials or WiFi codes.

Give Your Chalkboard a Professional Touch

Now that you have a chalkboard, you should spend a little bit of time honing your own artistic sensibilities so that it looks its best.

Have a play around with the different colour chalks and tools that are on the market. Practice with all of the different chalks and chalk markers in our arsenal, and consider using stencils and masking tape to keep things looking neat and tidy.

Learn about the scale of your writing and any potential drawings by practicing on your chalkboard surface. Consider buying a series of different chalks and markers in a variety of sizes so that you can practice with different thicknesses. If you only have one size on hand, you can thicken or thin your letters by doubling up your strokes, or using just the edge of the chalk.

Even if you consider yourself a brilliant pen smith or a talented drawer, you should always sketch your ideas out on a note pad before you decide on your final design. This will allow you to practice your scale, fonts, drawings, and spacing before you commit it to the chalkboard.

And remember – part of the brilliance of working with a chalkboard is that you can always correct your mistakes! Nothing is set in stone – you can use a chalk brush or a damp cloth to wipe away any elements you don’t like and start over. If only every aspect of life were the same!

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What should you have printed on your chalkboard sign?

While some businesses order a completely blank chalkboard sign and write everything in by hand, some choose to have some of their details printed on the sign permanently. This can save you time, and it can add to the professional appearance of your business.

So, what permanent information should you include on your printed chalkboard sign?

  • Your Business Name –
    This is a pretty common choice, as it is important that people don’t get you mixed up with your competitors! Include your name so that it appears in photos, and so that no one forgets it when they walk past.

  • Your Logo –
    This is the second most common component to have printed on your chalkboard sign, as your logo is nearly as important to brand recognition as your name (and in some cases, even more).

  • Your Font –
    Anything that you have printed permanently on your chalkboard should be done in your specific font.

  • Your colours –
    The same principle applies to the colours you have printed on your chalkboard sign. The colours should be consistent across all of your branding.

Specific ideas for using chalkboard signs to promote your business

Here are just a few ideas you can use to promote your business with chalkboard signs:

Host live music, and promote it on a pavement A-board chalkboard sign

Cafes and bars can bring in valuable new business and become an evening destination by hosting live musicians on site. Not only could the musician potentially bring their own fans to your premises, but curious neighbours might be enticed to stop by. Use a framed A-board chalkboard sign on the pavement to advertise upcoming live music events.

Generate interest in an upcoming sale or special offer with an A-Board chalk sign

If you are planning to host a sale or special offer at your shop or business, a traditional option is to head to the print shop and buy a series of splashy signs. There are plenty of generic choices available, but they don’t do much to tell your customers about your unique offerings.

An A-board chalk sign is a better investment choice, as it can be customised, changed, and updated when needed. You’ll get a lot of use out of it, and you can alert your customers to exact details about your offer.

Present your seasonal menu with a framed chalkboard

Some restaurants and pubs have a completely seasonal menu that is always changing. Sure, they might keep one or two firm favourites in a regular rotation, but mixing things up allows chefs to use their creativity and harness the flavours of the best fresh ingredients at different times of year.

Printing a professional menu on laminated cardstock is impossible in these situations, so many restaurants opt to display their offerings on a framed chalkboard. This way, they have the freedom and flexibility to change things up on a daily basis.

Write up your daily specials on a table top chalkboard

Ok, so maybe your restaurant doesn’t change up your menu on a daily (or even weekly, or monthly) basis – but do you offer any daily specials? Drum up interest and excitement in your daily specials by writing them up and displaying them on a table top chalkboard. These are small, affordable, and convenient to change on a regular basis.

Use your chalkboard as a canvas for your artistic brilliance

Some people are able to use humble chalk in order to transform their chalkboards into small masterpieces. Using a complex blend of line work and shading, you might be able to recreate the world’s great works of art – or simply create fun cartoons and comics that promote your brand.

Don’t fancy yourself a Picasso? If you’re not up to the task of drawing quirky and fun artworks on your framed chalkboard or A-board sign, there are plenty of local chalk artists in cities around the UK who would be thrilled at the prospect of decorating your sign.

Display your WiFi password on a framed chalkboard

Don’t waste your time and energy repeating your WiFi password to clients, colleagues and customers over and over again! Display it clearly on the wall on a framed chalkboard, or on a table top chalkboard at each table.

Display your cheeky wit with a comic, cartoon, joke, or quote

Let’s face it – we live in an Instagrammable world! People love to take and post photos of A-frame chalkboards emblazoned with funny quotes, cheeky jokes, and if you like to draw, comics and cartoons. Make sure you change the chalkboard on a daily (or weekly) basis – you’ll soon find that people will go out of their way to check out your sign.

Red17 Chalkboard Signs

Red17 is a UK industry leader, offering an array of high quality chalkboard signs designed to promote and advertise your business. We have chalk A-boards, hanging chalkboards, inserts and panels that fit into your existing frames, and even table top chalkboards. These are ideal for restaurants and pubs of all kinds!

No matter what kind of retail business you own, we have a chalkboard that will work for you. Unsure about the best chalkboard for your business? Our experienced team can help you choose models and designs that suit your needs. Call or email us today – we are on hand to answer all of your questions.


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