How Could Your IT Department Benefit from a New Whiteboard

How Could Your IT Department Benefit from a New Whiteboard

Does your company’s IT department need a boost? Many businesses are looking for ways to optimise the ways in which they deliver their products and services, and are held back by an IT department that is underfunded.

Converting your office walls into functional surfaces is one way you could try to make the most of your IT department’s space. The workplace is full of opportunities to communicate, but some communication just works better if it’s highlighted non-verbally. Before choosing a size for your display utility, it’s a good idea to think about how much information you’ll want to display on the board.

Whiteboards are here to transform the way you work, whether you’re coming up with IT solutions or scheduling client and internal meetings. Whiteboards can come in handy in so many different situations.


What Do You Need?

A flipchart easel, lockable notice board or new whiteboard can be an invaluable tool in the office, if you use it properly. You hear so many different invitations, memos and announcements over the course of a day at work, it can be difficult to remember it all.

So, how can you get whiteboards to work for your IT department? A frameless board like the Printed Modular Whiteboard from Red17 is perfect for creating whiteboard and projector walls, as they can be placed side-by-side to cover as large an area as you require.

Modular Printed Whiteboard - Handwriting

A whiteboard wall is a great way to stay on top of communications within a certain department, as everyone in the room can see what is written on it and it is large enough to leave the message up as long as it’s relevant. This means they’re often more effective than faxes and emails, as they allow the most important messages to rise to the surface and stay at the surface. There will be a whiteboard that fits your needs no matter your preferences for type, colour and price range, so there’s never been a better time to buy whiteboards!

The current projects your IT department is working on will be much easier to keep track of with whiteboard functionality. The solutions the team is working to design and ideas they are creating can all be written on the board alongside each client’s name, deadline and additional requirements. The whole office can be kept up to date in this manner, as everyone in the office can easily see what projects are happening at a glance.

Engaging and interactive client consultations are also made much easier through projector and whiteboard functionalities.

Used properly, a whiteboard can revolutionise the ways in which your IT department functions.

During client meetings, your IT department can illustrate what they can do for clients and their unique selling points by projecting a presentation or writing directly onto the whiteboard. Presentations can also be projected while the whiteboard is in use as a writing surface, allowing your IT department to brainstorm during internal meetings by writing their ideas and actions onto the projected slides.

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Instead of writing meeting minutes, records keeping can be made much easier by simply taking a photo of the completed whiteboard.

Using Your Whiteboard


  • make use of the board both as a writing surface and a projector screen.
  • use it to keep track of your projects and deadlines.
  • use colour coding to create a clear and useful display area.
  • use it to communicate any non-permanent messages and ideas you need to share with your staff.
  • use it in meetings and conferences.

It will be much easier for your IT department to make the absolute most of its walls if you also install a magnetic whiteboard. Red17’s Ultra Smooth Magnetic Whiteboards are particularly popular for this. Your can easily tailor your walls to your individual needs, thanks to the great variety of different whiteboards available.

Do not...

  • forget to take your surface needs into account before buying your new whiteboards.
  • waste your whiteboard’s magnetic functionality.
  • leave messages on the board longer than necessary – this will only draw attention away from the more important information!
  • attach images using sellotape, as the adhesive glue from the tape will ruin the whiteboard surface.

Office with PC Laptop and Whiteboard on wall

Other Uses for IT Department Whiteboards

Personalising Your Space

Unsurprisingly, people who work in IT departments tend to spend a lot of time looking at computers. All that screen time can often lead to eye strain, so it’s a good idea to have non-electronic decorations dotted around the space to look at for a few minutes if you feel eye strain coming on. But finding places to hang these posters and images can sometimes be tricky, especially if you work in a rented space.

Magnetic whiteboards, whether they’re freestanding or wall-mounted can be a great solution here. They give you space to hang all the images and decorations you need, without getting caught up with blu-tack or sticky tape.

Ultra Smooth Magnetic Whiteboard

There’s a good reason that whiteboards are used in office spaces all around the world. Of course, any organisation can get great use out of this vital tool, but offices have unique needs that make them the perfect candidate for a high quality whiteboard.

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Should My IT Department Buy a Magnetic Whiteboard or a Non-Magnetic Whiteboard?

A whiteboard is an incredibly versatile tool, and whatever business your IT department serves, installing one can provide a wide range of benefits. There are few things we know more about at Red17 than whiteboards, so we’re here to help you make sense of all those choices and budget restrictions to identify exactly which whiteboard you need. So which whiteboard is the one for you – magnetic or non-magnetic?

Whiteboard with notepad and pins

All of your important information can find its home on the right whiteboard. IT departments often use their whiteboards to display a wealth of information – from job vacancies to maintenance announcements, upcoming events to staff birthdays.

Magnetic Whiteboards

Choosing a magnetic whiteboard seems like the obvious option for many businesses. But there are things worth taking into consideration. As well as the perks already discussed, magnetic whiteboards also allow you to turn your plain white canvas into a calendar or chart and add a little colour using magnetic tape. This will allow your IT team to create more interesting displays and clearer ways to communicate information. They can keep everyone up-to-date.

The main downside of magnetic whiteboards is the cost. While the magnetic whiteboards available from Red17 are still very affordable, it’s worth noting that they’re more expensive than their non-magnetic counterparts.

Large wall mounted office magnetic whiteboard

Remember: By regularly sharing valuable information and news on the office whiteboard, your IT department can ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Non-Magnetic Whiteboards

Of course, non-magnetic whiteboards do not benefit from these magnetic properties. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth considering! As well as being cheaper than magnetic whiteboards, non-magnetic boards often come with more variety. They come in a variety of different shapes and sizes as they can be more versatile in production, and are perfect for colourful and dual-purpose designs. They can be a source of inspiration.

The main disadvantage of non-magnetic whiteboards is that they tend to come with fewer possible accessories.

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As well as managing your daily administrative procedures, your IT department whiteboard can be an effective tool for motivating and improving morale within the department. Consider using it to celebrate the achievements of your coworkers, or to highlight new stories in your field.

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