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How Could a Whiteboard Improve Your Office?

In business as in romance, a good first impression can make all the difference. A potential employee or client’s impression of your entire company can be dictated by the first things they see when they enter your office. Would you rather a potential investor was greeted with inventive and creative pieces of company branding, or a room of drab colour palettes and soulless desks?

If you want to make the most of your space, incorporating your branding into the layout can be a great place to start – it’s a vital first step towards an office design you can be proud of. A good start is to familiarise yourself with the sorts of products you can use here, and how adding custom design and branding can really be of help. Once you have that pinned down, you can begin your grand renovation.

Installing magnetic whiteboards is one of our favourite ways to make your space your own. Today, we’ll discuss why we think this method is so important.

Whiteboards come in so many different types and bring with them a wide range of benefits – but how much do you actually know about them? Take this quiz to find out!

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A Creative Approach

As many people will know, a good whiteboard can be a powerful tool in a modern office environment. Clients just love to see that the company they are considering working with are able to look at things from new and creative perspectives, and a professionally-printed whiteboard is one way to illustrate this. After all, a plain whiteboard can look a little dull if you don’t have a creative use for it.

  • Encourage your employees to get creative.
    Allowing your clients to see your staff’s self-expression on a branded whiteboard is a great way to show them your company values individuality. When you need the whiteboard space back for work and planning, you can easily just wipe it clean, so there’s absolutely no reason not to use your whiteboard for creative expression when it’s not in use.

  • Offer your staff some inspiration.
    Writing up the odd inspirational quote is easy to do if you don’t want to get one printed permanently, but if you want to make sure your business motto looks professional and attractive, there’s no better way than to have it printed on.

  • Games.
    This may not sound too professional, but consider the fun side of a whiteboard. With some whiteboard gridding tape, you could easily rig up some kind of space for noughts and crosses for example.

  • A communication hub.
    A series of brightly-coloured messages written on the whiteboard will look much nicer than a weekly fax or email. This will stop it from looking plain and boring when not in use, and keep important information at the front of everyone’s minds. Their smooth surface allows for rapid marking and erasing of markings on their surface, making them the perfect replacement for blackboards.

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What’s the Point of Branding Inside the Office?

There are many benefits to showcasing your branding throughout your office. Your employees and your customers will both see you in different ways depending on how your branding is used. (Yes: A custom-printed whiteboard really can make that much of a difference!)

Satisfied Employees

The views of your customers and staff are just as important as each other, though many companies fail to recognise the importance of the employee’s perspective. Productivity and office design have been shown by a number of studies to be directly linked. Your employees will have greater confidence in the company they work for if they are presented with a space that features innovative branding that showcases your company as progressive and forward-thinking.

The majority of staff will work harder and stay loyal to a business for longer if they feel they are working in a modern company.

Satisfied Clients

The office building they have walked into can often be make-or-break for a new customer. You need anyone who visits your office to be able to see instantly who you are and what you want to achieve, and you can do this by adding printed whiteboards and clever branding. Potential clients will leave confident in the brand and impressed by the professional appearance of your office.

Did You Know?

Whiteboards are also known as dry-erase boards, wipe boards, pen-boards, dry-wipe boards, not for permanent marker boards and marker boards, and consist of a glossy, normally white surface for nonpermanent markings. Having grown in popularity in the mid-1990s, they’ve become a fixture in many work environments including schools, offices and conference rooms.

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Types of Whiteboard

We're all familiar with the large wall mounted type – we've seen them in TV programmes where the detective is putting a case together, or a teacher is making a point to a class. But there are a vast range of different whiteboard types available: for example, Red17’s Week Plan Whiteboard is a printed magnetic whiteboard, but standard, non-magnetic printed whiteboards are also available. Glass whiteboards come in a variety of colours, but still have the ease of erasure and low maintenance of the more traditional type.

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And, they come in a huge range of sizes, from A4 to several metres to a side, depending on the application. Whatever type of whiteboard you go for, an adhesive branded decal can instantly give it that little bit more professionalism.

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Despite their name, you can get a whiteboard in any colour of the rainbow. And there’s nothing boring about them! Perhaps you want a temporary sign that can be placed outside to provide directions or to advertise a daily special. You can get whiteboards that can move from room to room, as and when you need them. Mobile whiteboards also have the advantage that one side can be gridded using gridding tape or magnets, perhaps for planning holiday leave, while the other remains clear for general notes and discussion.

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With a mobile whiteboard, you can pivot the board to increase the writing space available, or rotate it so you can have a blank canvas without rubbing out all of your hard work. Some even have extra features, such as a space for a flipchart pad.

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