How Large Businesses Benefit from Using Mobile Whiteboards

How Large Businesses Benefit from Using Mobile Whiteboards

Cost-effective, multi-functional and easy to maintain, mobile whiteboards have become a vital tool in large businesses across the UK. Used for brainstorming, sharing news, strategising and making presentations, different types of whiteboards are used in offices and educational institutes and each one has its own unique benefits.

Mobile whiteboards in particular can be of benefit to large businesses, as they can be moved easily from one department to another. These portable whiteboards can then be used for presentations, illustrating ideas, setting goals and targets and training in new skills.

Meeting rooms and classrooms alike would once have been unable to imagine a life without chalkboards. Magnetic and mobile whiteboards slowly and steadily took over this position, however, when concerns over allergies to chalk dust and other related conditions caused businesses to look for other options. People with respiratory issues and allergies could sometimes be harmed by this chalk dust, even though the real-time generation of chalk dust was low and not toxic in nature (as was found by a study conducted by two Indian researchers in 2011).

Eye irritation and breathing difficulties both have the potential to stem from the dust produced by chalk and blackboards. Surfaces like hands and clothes could also be soiled by the dust and dirt produced by this chalk. With all of this in mind, it’s no real surprise that whiteboards have become so important to offices!

Under their dry-wipe writing surface, portable whiteboards have the benefit of a steel foundation which allows users to attach items to the board with magnets.

Misplaced markers, chalks and dusters have also become a thing of the past since the rise in popularity for whiteboards, as a simple magnetic eraser with a holding space for markers allows these tools to be attached to the board itself as it is wheeled through the office. The risk of office-place injuries is also reduced, as the board’s magnetic nature removes the need for sharp push-pins that can easily be dropped and trodden-upon.

Portable and mobile whiteboards offer so many benefits to large businesses, and we’ve only just scratched the surface!

For Training

Replacing traditional chalkboards, mobile whiteboards are often used in training sessions for staff who want to learn new skills. Those running training sessions can use the whiteboard as an aid for presentation and explanation. The boards can easily be written on using non-permanent markers.

Mobile whiteboards are often particularly useful for illustrating ideas and concepts to people who are unfamiliar with them, such as new hires or older employees who are re-training for a new position.

For Organisation

It’s a lot easier than you may expect to stay organised at work if you use a mobile whiteboard. Three simple steps are really all you need.

  1. Choosing the size. There’s really a mobile whiteboard that’s perfect for every office, as this simple tool can come in a vast range of sizes. If you want to benefit from a mobile whiteboard, you’ll need to pick something that’s large enough to fit all of your information but small enough to fit in your workspace and easily move from space to space. If you’re unsure of the best size, it’s generally best to go for the largest option you can fit.

  2. Using the board. Forgetting to use the mobile whiteboard is often the biggest mistake people make. You need to remember to update the board as often as possible if you want it to work for you. Your work day should always correspond to the information on the board. Be sure to check the board regularly, add new information as and when you get it and remove tasks when they are done.

  3. Then, customise it. For your mobile whiteboard to be beneficial, you will need to customise it to your specific needs. This can be done by adding letters, numbers, tables and magnetic strips. Sectioning off different areas for specific tasks is a great way to ensure the mobile whiteboard is clear and easy to follow. It may even be able to have an area just for notes and ideas, which will help you to remember little pieces of information as and when you need to.

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Organising your Workplace with Mobile Whiteboards

For Notices and Presentations

Small, single-use and easily misplaced office supplies like staples and push pins can often add up to a hefty bill for large offices, but their use can be minimised through the use of a magnetic whiteboard instead of a cork notice board.

You can attach notices with magnets or write directly on the board, making a mobile whiteboard a more cost-effective choice in the long-run and a great way of reducing paper waste. Sharing ideas and coming up with plans at conferences and boardroom meetings is also made much easier through the use of a mobile whiteboard. And best of all, you can match your board to the contemporary design of your modern office by selecting a stylish, modern version of this popular fixture.

A Free Creative Space

The thing about whiteboards is that you can easily just rub it all off when you need the space back, so it’s easy to use for other things. A chance for your employees and coworkers to express themselves is sometimes all that is needed to improve office morale. Whether you want to encourage some team-building or just want to get the creative juices flowing, it can be a great idea to provide a space where people can draw little doodles, make up poems or do any number of other creative things to break up the day.

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Office Creativity using Whiteboards

Improving Office Communication

If employees feel valued by their company, and are told about key events and updates, they’re more likely to want to get involved. Poor communication can create a whole host of problems, including disengaged employees, demoralisation and animosity between employees. Large companies often find that communication is one of the biggest challenges they face. You can foster positivity in your business if you focus your efforts on communicating better with your employees and creating a more relaxed and open workplace environment.

An office whiteboard which staff are encouraged to use is a great way to build communication links within your business and create a happier, healthier office culture.

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