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How Your Office Can Benefit from Having a Notice Board

There are many ways your office can benefit from having a notice board. For example, it can be a great way to provide crucial information to the entire team. As well as being practical, they also make the office environment more collaborative and interactive. This is something you don’t really get if you use email to communicate with your team on all matters.

To help you see why you should give serious consideration to investing in a notice board for your office, we are going to look at some of the main ways your workplace can benefit from one.

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Employee and Client Feedback

A well-functioning and successful business and office is one that is open to feedback form their employees and clients. Having a notice board in the office gives your employees something they can use to highlight and discuss issues and thoughts they may have had about recent work. Notice boards can also be used by employees to focus in on the skills they need to improve upon and those that they feel they’ve worked hard on. You can also use them to let the team know what clients or customers thought of their work, as well as relaying any suggestions they may have made for improvements.

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Establish Workplace Community, Collaboration and Interaction

Constructive communication can be encouraged with the use of a notice board between members of the team. It can be used to post information about meetings, conferences, work-related events and social activities. You can use it to post events happening in and out of office hours. This creates a sense of community in the workplace and encourages beneficial and meaningful interactions between team members.

Even if you use email to inform team members of events, having the information displayed in a highly0viusible area on a notice board can increase the likelihood that people will remember them and attend. Emails can easily get lost if there is an influx in their inbox or it gets lost because of a spam filter.

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The longer events are advertised on notice boards for will give team members greater chances to interact and discuss what’s on the horizon, whether it’s work-related or socially. This can help create enthusiasm for the goings-on.

You can even use email to request that all employees who are going to a specific event sign their name on a sheet of paper on the notice board. This helps your employees to get into the habit of using the board.

Possible events that can be posted on notice boards are:

  • Meetings
  • Opportunities for Promotion
  • Work parties and special celebrations
  • Classes and training held outside of office hours
  • Skills and training courses

Motivational for Team Members

Notice boards can be used to display photographs, such as those from an after-hours activities and special work events that the team have participated in. This is a good way to highlight the many shared experiences you have all had over the space of a business year.

As way of rewarding members of the team who have achieved something of note, you could also post commendations, such as brief employee progress reports. These can help to motivate and inspire your team to keep stretching and trying to meet and exceed targets and goals. It can give your team the overall feeling that you appreciate them and that their talents and what they bring to the business is really valued.

Team Member Awards board and Staff Notices

Highlight Important Information

The way businesses communicate can have an impact on how well its employees and teams perform. Often, even if it has been noted how serious specific deadlines and targets are, they can be forgotten, and this can lead to missing them or rushing projects but making the deadlines. The worst-case scenario is that this can result in bad experiences for customers and clients and negative feedback. By using a notice board with a colour coded system, you can remind people about specific deadlines, whether its on a daily targets or more long-term monthly ones.

You can use a different colour to indicate the level of importance of each notice. Red is ideal for things that are ‘urgent’, while blues can be used to denote that it’s a soft reminder. There are no hard and fast rules, as you can use any colour to mean anything, with the help of coloured pens, and coloured paper. Just make sure that all your employees know what each colour represents.

By doing this you give them greater awareness that means there are less likely to be mistakes made.

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