How an outdoor light box can drive customers to your restaurant

Whether your restaurant is on a city street or in a small town, attracting customers through the front door is vital. Of course, the quality of your food and service is going to be the main driving force. But sometimes you need a little extra help.

How do you get people off the street, those who may never have heard of your restaurant but are looking for somewhere new to eat?

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Most restaurant owners spend a lot of time and effort dressing up their front of house. One key thing you want to do is ensure that customers can see what kind of food and hospitality you have on offer. For that, there’s no better bit of signage than an outdoor lightbox.

What is a Light Box Display?

A light box display is essentially a display board that is lit from the back. They can be fitted at the front, outside your restaurant near the street where people are passing by. Many restaurants use one or two to display their current menu or highlight specials and other goodies they have on offer.

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Of course, you don’t just have to use them outdoors. Light box displays can be used indoors as well to advertise things like set menus or upcoming local events.

The Benefits for Your Restaurant:

  • It’s an easy to maintain and visible display board that looks clean and neat at the front of your restaurant.

  • For low lit areas and at night, it provides a beacon for passing customers and draws them toward your restaurant.

  • he backlighting means that people will always be able to read your content whatever the time of day.

  • An outdoor light box is easy to install and with the latest LED lighting is a low cost way to advertise your business.

  • It’s pretty easy to clean and your display is protected behind a glass screen from all weather conditions.

You can get a range of different outdoor light box designs to suit the branding of your restaurant. That includes hanging light box displays and poster cases which come in a range of sizes.

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Choosing the Right Light Box Display

There are two things you need to consider when buying a light box display. The first is the size, the other is the location. Most products come with about 10 m of power cable so you will need to ensure that you have a connection into your restaurant. Ideally, you want a display that is noticeable at front of house but doesn’t overwhelm it.

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Extra-large can sound great but it’s not always the best idea. If you stand outside your restaurant, you should easily be able to see where the best position is and what size will work. Some put their light bx on the wall by the door, others want their display closer to the street. Make sure that your viewers have enough room to stand and read your light box display without too much trouble.

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Where To Buy Your Outdoor Light Box

At Red 17, we have a wide range of different outdoor light box products, in various sizes and colours. If you’re looking for something that perfectly fits your restaurant, check out our listing for light box displays today.

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