How to Boost Engagement in the Workplace

How to Boost Engagement in the Workplace

Many businesses are beginning to realise the value of an engaged workforce. If employees are happy, interested in the company’s vision and actively working towards it too, this directly translates into a high level of productivity and more revenue for the business.

So with engagement being such a hot commodity, what can businesses do to boost it?

Focus on communication

Communication is one of the biggest challenges in companies. Poor communication can create a whole host of problems, including disengaged employees, demoralisation and animosity between employees.

Focusing your efforts on communicating better with your employees will create a much more relaxed and open workplace environment that will foster positivity. If employees feel valued by their company, and are told about key events and updates, they’re more likely to want to get involved.

Encourage collaboration

Collaboration between employees and departments can pave the way for innovative new ideas. It’s these ideas that can secure the future of the business and differentiate it from the competition.

Encourage collaboration

Whilst collaboration and creativity can’t be forced upon employees, encouraging it as much as possible is vital. Consider installing a communal magnetic whiteboard where teams can brainstorm and share ideas. Or perhaps invest in something a little less permanent like a flip chart easel that can be transported around the office to where it’s needed.

Create a positive environment

No-one is going to feel motivated and inspired if they’re working in a negative environment. Fostering and nurturing positivity can often be one of the more difficult challenges as it can be almost impossible to pinpoint exactly where the negativity is coming from. Good communication between higher management and the rest of the business will go a long way to help this, but businesses also need to be thinking about how to actively create a positive environment.

Magnetic Whiteboards

Perhaps it’s worth relaxing some of the workplace rules, maybe introduce a casual Friday, or allow a more relaxed approach to working. You could even encourage teams to collaborate and brainstorm different ideas on how to inject the workplace with some fresh positivity.

Think about the people

At the end of the day, you’re dealing with people. Real life, individual people. So treat them that way. Thinking of your employees as numbers or figures on a spreadsheet is incredibly demoralising. Perhaps consider taking the time to interact with individuals within the business on a regular basis and stay up to date with their lives.

When it comes to implementing new initiatives for boosting engagement, think about how this will impact the individual employee, how this will change their way of working, and even ask for their opinion on the matter.

With better engagement in the workplace, businesses will see a significant change in the atmosphere within the office and how this impacts the bottom line. Creating a nicer place to work will also mean that recruitment becomes easier as you become a more desirable business to work for. The benefits are endless.

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