It’s common knowledge that schools, colleges and universities alike are strapped for cash. Every year we hear of more budget cuts and higher fees for students. So with universities feeling so restricted, it’s important that your advertising budget stretches further than ever before.

This article is going to look at some budget products you can use to help boost on-campus advertising to communicate more effectively with students.


Leaflets can become quite expensive quite quickly but at the same time, they’re a great method for advertising local events on a budget and can be produced fairly inexpensively when bought in bulk. Distributing them though can be costly and you may find it’s not worth paying someone to post them in all the halls.

Menu case

Advertising the food available outside the canteen, cafes and eateries on campus is a great way to advertise what’s on offer and encourage students and lecturers alike to spend their money on campus instead of going elsewhere. This type of advertising is inexpensive to set up and only requires the occasionally reprinting of the menu when things change.

Menu Display Case

Build partnerships

This is likely to require a little more legwork, but building partnerships and gaining sponsorships from local businesses is ideal for helping you to advertise both on and off campus. Nothing is for free though so it may require working out a deal where the university is able to offer some help in return.

Poster frames

Poster frames are a great solution for advertising all over campus, including in halls. Wherever you can hang a poster on the wall, you can use a poster frame. And the benefits of this method means that the cost spent on printing the posters is likely to go further as the posters are protected from general wear and tear.

Hanging posters

Some universities chose to utilise the empty ceiling space by including hanging posters, and this is an incredibly cheap method of displaying upcoming events. This type of advertising can also look very effective dependant on the room and can be seen from almost anywhere in the room.

Use social media

Although advertising on social is costly, simply using social media in its basic form is a must-do for any campus or student union. It may require a bit of work to ensure people know about it to start with but once it’s off the ground, an active social media page is ideal for advertising upcoming events.

Lockable poster cases

Outdoor poster cases are a great way to utilize those beautifully designed posters both indoors and out. The added benefit of being lockable also means that the posters are safe from vandalism and the elements, allowing them to be re-used in the future.

Even if you are working to a strict budget, utilising the best available advertising options out there can help to ensure your budget stretches further than before and everyone on campus knows what’s happening and when.