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Managing the advertising of your community centre can be a costly affair and in many scenarios, it is largely a waste of everyone’s time. Committees spend a lot of time delegating task, and individual invests a lot of time in getting it right, and the advertising falls on deaf ears. So how can we combat this to ensure any form of advertising is a resounding success?

Change your design style

If your advertising looks a little dull, it could be because it is. Maybe your brand colours aren’t right or your current advertising style doesn’t accurately portray who you are. Whatever the reason, it may be time decide to give it a makeover. Changing the design style of your current advertising is a big task and one that will involve everyone but the long-term benefits could be huge.

Invest in poster cases

It may be that it’s not what you’re displaying but how. Are your adverts somewhat uninspiring? Maybe you need to rethink how you display them. Poster cases are a great solution for giving the space a brighter look and will also work well in drawing the eye to the advertisement, allowing it to be firmly centre stage where it should be.

Poster Case

Ask the community

If you’re really struggling, ask your community. You centre is for them, after all. So ask them what they think, how do they think you could improve. You may be surprised as some of the responses, the offers to help, and just the general rallying round to help keep the community spirit alive.

Inside your community centre

Involve the children

Maybe turn it into a bit of a competition and involve the children in the local community. If you’re looking for a burst of colour, the children are guaranteed to deliver, and it creates a bit of fun too. This has worked really well in the past for companies like Raymond Brown who wanted to highlight the community and spruce up their trucks.

Bring in a specialiste

If all else fails and you really are at your wit’s end, then bring in a specialist. It may cost you up front but will definitely benefit you in the long-term. Alternatively, you may find that a member of your community has the necessary skills and expertise to be able to help.

Rethink your budget

Perhaps your budget is too tight? It can be easy to hold the purse strings too tight when you need to carefully delegate budget, but when it comes to advertising your results are going to directly correspond to the amount of money you spend. That doesn’t mean more money guarantees success but in some cases being to stringent can definitely hamper what you’re trying to achieve.

Reassess your plan

It could be time to go back to basics and really work out what’s working and what isn’t. A good sit down to talk this through could be all you need but it will help everyone to feel motivated again and you may be surprised at some of the ideas you come up with when you brainstorm this way.

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