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How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Menu Display

Whether you’re a restaurant or a café, choosing how you display your menu outside can have a big impact on who becomes a paying customer. When deciding whether somewhere is worth visiting or not, many customers will review the outdoor menu before making a decision. And it can often be frustrating when you see people peruse the menu only to walk away. So how do you choose the perfect way to display your outdoor menu?

Think about placement

The placement of your menu sign is going to be crucial. If it’s not in an obvious location, or easy to get to, people are going to walk by without a second thought as to whether it’s worth going inside.

Take some time reviewing how your competitors display their menus and decide which methods you do or don’t like. This is a great way to get inspiration as well, and you may find yourself coming up with something unique that you never would have thought of before.

Restaurant Menu Signs

Should it be wall-mounted?

Wall-mounted menu displays are a very standard way of showcasing your food. Whether you’re walking down the high street or in a mall, mounting the menu on the wall is an easy way to solve this. It’s the go-to location for visitors who are specifically looking for the menu and so doesn’t confuse things.

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Do you need the whole menu?

Some restaurants and cafes will choose to showcase only part of their menu in order to entice customers inside. Some will choose not to show prices, whilst others will swap their evening menu for their lunchtime one. There are pros and cons to each decision so it’s important that you carefully weigh up your options..

Is it clear to read?

Many restaurants and cafes make the mistake of choosing a fancy font. It’s important that you avoid fonts that are difficult to read and choose ones that are more legible.

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You could also think about the lighting and whether it’s easy to read your menu in the evening. This is especially important if you’re a restaurant as you’re more likely to have a higher number of visitors for an evening meal and so they need to be able to clearly read your menu.

Do you have clear branding?


Branding is also important when it comes to displaying your menu outside. It needs to be easy to see who the menu is for and ensure this branding is consistent with everything else. If you’ve updated your menus, but not your restaurant sign – or vice versa - then it’s going to cause confusion.

Have you got any special offers?

Last but not least, if you have a special offer, then showcase this. It’s part of your menu, so don’t be shy. Many pubs and restaurants utilise their forecourt signs to showcase these offers, and there’s nothing stopping you from doing this alongside your normal outdoor menu display.

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With price being such an important deciding factor when it comes to any purchase, advertising your special offers outside could be what brings the customers in.

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