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How to Cost-Effectively Expand Your Coffee Shop

It can feel almost impossible to keep a coffee shop up and running, let along expand it, when there are so many obstacles stacked against you. The hours are long, the competition is vast and the work is busy and tiring. Improving your business’s prospects can feel just as impossible as starting the business in the first place, but it isn’t. You’ve already done the hardest part. Now it’s time to make the most of your own hard work.

Preparation and Planning is Key

The key to all of this is clever and careful planning. If you can manage that, your goals are very achievable.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the simple and cost-effective changes you can make to expand your coffee shop successfully. It really is much simpler than you’d think!

Make the most of your space!

Moving to a larger building or knocking down walls to physically expand your space are good options if you have the money and reliable clientele to make that move, but there are other, cheaper ways to make your coffee shop feel larger and more spacious. These include...

  • Shine a light on me! Where possible add windows and expand existing ones. Natural light plays a massive role in making smaller spaces feel big and roomy. Make the most of the light you have!

  • Fair and square. Replace your big round tables with smaller, square tables.These work for individuals and duos as they are, and can be pushed together to accommodate large groups, so all of your tables are suited to all of your customers. Consider it this way: wouldn’t Tetris be way easier if all of the pieces were square?

  • Use all the seats you have! Not everyone who comes to your coffee shop needs their own table. If you have small windows with window sills, get yourself a window-seat! If you have a bar or space for a shelf-type bench along a window, try squeezing in some high stools for people who are just here for a speedy coffee.

  • Don’t hide your supplies. In a small coffee shop, finding the storage you need can be really difficult. Try storing things like sugar packets, cutlery and napkins in eye-catching floor-to-ceiling box shelving. Why not find a way to make your storage a fashion statement, instead of trying to keep everything hidden?

  • Show your true colours! If you want to create the illusion of space using colour, lighter shades are your best bet. Light-reflective paint ranges like Dulux Light + Space are designed specifically to make a room feel airy and more spacious.

  • Make your tools multi task. An obvious way to reduce clutter is to make the items you do have in your coffee shop work twice as hard. For example, a well-designed menu or chalkboard can easily double as decoration if enough thought is put into it!

Uses and Benefits of Chalkboard Signs

Spread the Word

Spread the word!

Flyers, posters and poster-boards are a tried-and-tested method of marketing a coffee shop, especially if you’re telling people about a new promotion, design or expansion. Something as simple as a poster and flyers advertising free coffees (one per person!) can be a real power-move, getting new customers to walk into your coffee shop for the first time. If the experience they have is positive, chances are they’ll come back for seconds!

You’re going to want your coffee shop’s brand to be original, recognisable and clear as it should be at the centre of all of your marketing, including posters. This includes your logo, your name and any other features you might use to stand out. If you feel like your pre-existing brand isn’t ready to go on a poster, it may be time to make a quick tweak or two to the design. It’s never too late for a re-brand!

Boost Your Brand

Key factors you’ll want to consider for your poster boards include...

  • Your business name. Is it original ?It’s really important that people don’t get confused between you and your competitors, so you’ll need a name that everyone will remember.

  • Your colours. Don’t let your colour scheme be “whatever works.”Find a palette that works with your shop’s themes, environment, design and mood, and stick with that for all your posters.

  • Your logo. A simple icon or logo is a great way to represent your brand in a small space, so you don’t have to spell out your coffee shop’s entire name on every poster or chalkboard.

  • Your typography. Don’t just use Times New Roman or whatever comes free on your laptop. Pick a font that works for you! Checkout this blog on 10 Fonts Your Business Needs to Avoid or this one on 10 Fonts that are Perfect for Signage.

  • Your identity. Every coffee shop has its own unique personality. Identify yours, and try to let it show through in your branding and posters.

  • Your presentation. If you’re hanging posters inside your coffee shops, the world is your oyster in terms of presentation options! You don’t have to take these down at the end of every day like and outdoor sign, so why not pick something a little more interesting?
    Poster canvases are a nice, classy option – and so are poster frames, which provide the great budget-busting service of reusability.

5 Ways to Boost Your Brand.

Coffee Shop Cafe Barriers

Take it outside!

Outdoor seating for a coffee shop has so many benefits. It gives you more seating space so you can physically expand and have more customers at any one time. You can separate your seating from the street using café barriers, which gives you another surface to advertise on. The customers sitting outside enjoying their coffee will also act as free advertising for your products!

Chalk A-Board

People will flock to your coffee shop when it’s sunny, because there are few things nicer than sitting with friends or a good book in the sun. And thanks to the growing popularity of all things Hygge, outdoor seating isn’t even limited to the summer any more! Just keep a supply of fleece blankets, and your customers will perch outside all year round.

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