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How to Create Posters that Get Noticed

Posters can be a valuable marketing tool if they are used effectively. They can be used to promote events, provide offers and build brand awareness.

Many businesses struggle with designing posters that deliver the right message and in the right way. With so many different elements to think about, how do you create a poster that actually gets you noticed for all the right reasons? Here are some top tips and key strategies that you can use to create a visually appealing poster that delivers the results that you need.

First and foremost, a well designed poster can really make all the difference. When your poster is displayed, people should be able to immediately understand what you are promoting and what message you are communicating. The information that you present should be clearly displayed using a variety of creative techniques such as colours, fonts, borders and even poster frames. It’s important to present just the right amount of information avoiding providing too much or too little detail.

Poster Designing

Catch the eye

Create an eye catching headline. This could be a promotion, the title of the event, a sponsor or appearance of a special guest. The headline is the first piece of content that your audience will see, and it will determine whether or not it captures their interest.

Posters don’t need huge amounts of information so be selective about what you include.

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Brainstorm for ideas

Brainstorm what information that you would like to include in your poster and then arrange it in a clear hierarchy in order of importance. A text hierarchy is how the information on your poster will be arranged and how various fonts and visuals will be used to draw the reader to various elements of the poster. Make sure that your content is clearly structured around your headings, sub headings and body text. Using this hierarchy will help to communicate your message more effectively. Don’t forget to include a strong call to action which will encourage the audience to take some form of action. This could be making an enquiry, booking tickets for an event or entering an offer code on your website to receive a discount on attendance at your upcoming event. Create a call to action that tries to create some kind of exclusivity with your event or promote a limited time offer.

Brainstorm your design ideas

Once you have the text of your poster drafted don’t forget about the visuals such as photographs and creative elements to really capture the interest of your audience. Illustrations can also work well if they fit in well with the content of the poster.

Top Tips for Effective Poster Design

  • Use a single focus visual. This should be a high quality image that is relevant to the message of the poster. Avoid stock photo’s if you can and use images that will convey positivity.

  • Apply colour to communicate the required mood. Colour schemes should fit in well with your branding and the colours of the event material that you are promoting.

  • Make use of borders or frames which can be used to separate or emphasise key pieces of information .

  • Don’t forget to leave plenty of negative space between the text and in the margins.

  • Select fonts that are easy to see from a distance.

  • Use creative additions such as a poster frame to make your poster stand out from all the others.

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Good poster design is a skill and a professional design studio will use their expertise and creative flair to plan, develop, print and even supply a quality poster frame to help you promote your business.

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