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How to Create the Perfect Business Banner

Choosing to include a roller banner in your advertising toolbox is a great way to help you to stand out from the crowd at tradeshows and exhibitions whilst also clearly displaying what your company does to those visiting. But how do you ensure that your banner is worth the money and optimised for its purpose?

Roller Banner


Before you can do anything, you need to decide on what message you’re going to be showcasing. You may decide that whilst one banner is going to display what you fundamentally do, another might display your core values. So it’s important to think about the message you’ll be conveying to those who see it.


You then need to decide what other information you’re going to include. Obviously, you’ll have your company name and logo, but do you need an email address?

Replacement Roller Banners

Should you include the website?

What about the postal address?

You might decide that you should also be including your products or services. Identifying how much information to include is crucial as overcrowding the banner with too much information can lessen the impact of your banner stand.


Next, you need to be think about the images and graphics that you want to incorporate. Of course the logo is going to be displayed clearly but you may need additional embellishments to make your point or showcase your company. What do your other forms of branding include and how can you replicate this on the banner? For example, your website might use some quirky custom graphics or animations to showcase who you are and so it’s important to keep this consistent on your banner stand.

Branding Roller Banners with images

Not maintaining consistent branding can cause confusion for potential clients and so it’s an important factor consider.


Depending on how involved in the graphic design you want to be, the perfect business banner will use a clear and legible font that’s easy to read in passing. The font used in your branding may dictate this a little for your company name but when it comes to composing body text, ensure that you’re secondary font is not just complimentary but also easy to interpret.

You can take a look at this article to learn more about which fonts work.


Once you’ve got all the information you need on the banner stand, you then need to be thinking about the spacing. This is incredibly important as too much empty space could lead to the banner stand looking a little out of place and it won’t really add much value whilst too little empty space can cause it to look overcrowded.

Example Roller Banner Stands

Spacing is an incredibly important part of creating a successful banner stand and if you’re working with a graphic designer, they should be able to provide you with a good idea on what will work.


Colourful Banner Stands

Really, choosing colours should be largely dictated by your logo already but it may be necessary to incorporate some additional colours to make things more interesting. This is particularly relevant if your logo is just one colour and so could be something to consider when crafting your banner stand.