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How to Display a Menu that Will Attract the Crowds

All restaurant and cafe owners want to bring in hoards of customers every week, and a key part of that is displaying your menu and your offers in a way they simply can’t resist. So how do you achieve this?

Keep it simple

Now when we say keep it simple, we’re not talking about simplifying your menu but more about making it easy for people to understand. Keep the writing large enough so that it’s easy to read (especially from a distance, depending on where you’re displaying it) and keep the format to something they’ll recognise and understand. If you change the format too much, and it becomes complicated, potential customers will walk away.

Show prices

Although we’d like to think prices don’t influence a customer, that it’s your experience or reputation that they’re interested in, it’s not always the case. Price will play a big part of whether a customer comes in or not, so be sure to have your prices out on display. Not only will this mean there’s less confusion when the bill comes, the last thing you want to do is alienate people. If you display a menu without prices outside and some customers come into the restaurant after viewing the menu, only to be presented with the prices when they sit down, they could walk out or have a bad experience as a result. And this doesn’t breed brand loyalty.

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Use your outdoor space

We’ve mentioned outdoor space a couple of times already and it’s an incredibly important part of displaying your menu. Whether you choose to do so via an A-frame on the pavement, or with a light box mounted on the wall, showcasing your menu outside is key to bringing in more customers. Especially if you have a lot of competition nearby, customers are going to want to know why they should eat in your restaurant as opposed to somewhere else and the best way to persuade them is to show them what you offer.

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Make it interesting

This might sound a little simple but customers value businesses who make an effort and invest in themselves. This not only includes renovations and upgrades to the interior, it can also be a well-designed menu. And by this, we mean the graphic design side of things.

You’ve spent all that time choosing and deciding on which dishes to include on your menu and so now it needs to be presented in a way that makes it interesting. A print out of plain A4 paper isn’t going to cut it. Add a splash of colour, incorporate your branding and define your own style; these are all ways you can help to make your menu more interesting and bring in more customers as result.

Once you’ve been able to decide on the fundamentals, it’s then important to think about where exactly these displays are going to go. Using our top tips here, you’re sure to be able to entice in more customers and draw the crowds.

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