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Why you should use LED light box displays to boost your business

LED light box displays are a ‘brilliant’ (pun intended) way to get your customers interested, and give them the information that they need. By shining a light on your printed materials, posters, and displays, you will catch far more people’s attention, and start to notice a bigger ROI.

Marketing experts know that their expensive corporate signage and promotional posters will do a much better job if they are illuminated. Humans have evolved over millions of years to be attracted to light – we gaze in its direction. Lit signage also helps people to read your important messages and recognise your branding, even in the dark, or on a gloomy day.

As the owner or manager of retail shop, pub, or café - anything you can do to stand out from the crowd is usually worth it! This is even more true when the solution can not only boost your sales, but save your money as well.

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Are LED Light Box Displays Actually Effective?

You don’t have to simply take our word for it – there is a lot of proof out there that LED light boxes are valuable tools in any marketing strategy.

There is extensive market research to show that illuminated advertising is always more effective than posters and signage without any lighting. In addition to grabbing the attention of passers by, it can also boost your footfall, and then allow you to inform and serve your customers quicker. All of these factors result in significantly higher sales.

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Here are some examples from the world of corporate advertising:
  • 1. Bacardi 

    The rum giant has conducted market research to show that illuminated signs work in a bar setting. For participants who weren’t sure what they wanted to drink when approaching the bar, the illuminated signs were very effective. When Bacardi illuminated their drinks promotions, their sales increased by more than 100%. Could an LED light box do the same for you?

  • 2. Fortis Bank

    Fortis installed double-sided light box displays in a select number of their branch windows in order to illuminate and highlight their promo posters. In some of the branches, the signs were lit, and in other locations the posters were displayed in non-illuminated light box frames. In the locations with light box displays backlit illuminated posters, the banks experienced a sales increase of over 30% for the advertised products! This represents a huge ROI for Fortis.

  • 3. Boots

    The major high street chemist was able to improve their efficiency in a big way when they installed illuminated menu signage. They reduced the time that it took to serve their photo customers at the digital photo counter by more than 4 times. By replacing their non-illuminated signage with customised illuminated menu light box displays, they helped customers understand what was on offer, and make their choices quicker.

As you can see from these examples, light box displays can do a lot of the ‘heavy lifting’ for you and make things crystal clear – literally – for your customers.

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Where should you install LED light boxes?

If you want to leverage your light box display into success for your retail location, where should you install them for maximum results? LED light boxes are excellent tools to illuminate your posters and existing signage, and are extremely versatile for anything you plan to print in the future.

Where can you use light boxes to their greatest effect?

  • Signage and timetables in a train station or airport
  • To promote specials or sales in a shop or eatery
  • Corporate signage and branding displays on your premises
  • Outdoor advertising in your car park or facing onto the street
  • Point-of-sale displays in a retail shop, café, or pub
  • Restaurant signage and menu boards
  • Promotions and sales in a showroom
  • Trade shows or exhibitions
  • Seasonal events, such as grottoes or fetes
  • Classrooms or schools, perfect for parent info or dinner menus

Menu Light Box for Restaurants

If you want your LED light box to do ‘double duty,’ select a double sided light box display. By placing them in a shop window, you can advertise your offerings to both your patrons inside the shop and those who are walking past on the street.

If you don’t have enough window space, or you want to promote your message inside a department store, conference floor, or showroom, choose a free-standing illuminated display.

Double Sided Hanging Lightbox Displays

Why should you choose LED Light Boxes over Fluorescent Lighting?

In the past, if you were in the market for an illuminated sign or light box, you would be looking for a fluorescent lighting option. However, modern light boxes utilise LED lighting technology, which is better for the environment, better for your budget, and better for your sales.

Here are just some of the reasons that you should use an LED light box over traditional fluorescent light boxes.

  • 1. LED light boxes are far more versatile than fluorescent lights

    LED light boxes aren’t limited by the same issues that plague fluorescent options. They are much smaller, lighter, and thinner, and therefore can be used in a much wider array of settings and spaces. They are sleek, modern, and elegant, and make your premises look professional.

    In addition to being sleek and small, LED light boxes are rugged and tough. That means that you can set them in outdoor spaces without worrying as much about vandalism or theft.

  • 2. LED light boxes consume less power

    LED stands for light emitting diodes, and they consume a lot less energy than traditional lighting, especially fluorescents. As a result, they consume less electricity. This is good for your budget, and better for the environment (more on this below). In addition, you can easily switch the colour of your LEDs, meaning you don’t need to install expensive filters and purchase additional lights.

  • 3. LEDs have a much longer life expectancy than fluorescents

    Did you know that LED lights can last for as a staggering 35,000 to 50,000 hours? That means that you rarely need to change them, and so you spend less, and use less packaging. On the contrary, fluorescent lights usually only last for about 10,000 to 15,000 hours.

    When you LED lights come to the end of their life cycle, they will get dimmer and dimmer, letting you know that they need to be changed. Fluorescent lights will just fail when they have reached the end of their lifespan, leaving your signage in the dark.

  • 4. LED light boxes are more environmentally friendly

    Last but certainly not lease, LEDs are far better for the environment than their fluorescent alternatives. Since they use a lot less power, the have a lower carbon footprint. You can still illuminate your signage while feeling good about the products that you use to run your business. LEDs do the trick without sacrificing the quality of your advertising campaigns.

    Did you know that fluorescent light tubes contain mercury? If they break open, they can risk the health of your employees and cause severe damage to the environment. Why risk the health and safety of the planet, and of those around you? Make the switch to LED light boxes and let your customers know that you take the climate crisis seriously.

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Keep your future bright – and your sales even brighter!

As you can see, illuminated displays and posters are a very effective tool for increasing your sales and providing excellent customer service.

There are many different light box displays available to choose from, designed for specific locations and needs. If you have questions or need advice about choosing an LED light box display, get in touch with the team here at Red17. We would be happy to answer your queries and help you choose the right light box for your setting. Call or email us today.

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