Summer Food

How to Make Your Alfresco Dining Experience More Enjoyable

With summer pretty much here, and being given the opportunity to enjoy some nice weather, how can businesses make the most of their outdoor space and create an alfresco dining experience customers won’t ever forget?

Cosy Eating

Create a cosy space

The way to everyone’s heart is through good food. Combine that with a cosy atmosphere and you’re guaranteed success.

Creating cosy spaces inside can be really easy; add a few cushions, dim the lighting and voila. However, when it comes to replicating this outside, think about how to make your customers feel comfortable. Whilst the summer sun in the afternoon is ideal for outdoor dining, as the evening cools, people will still want to enjoy the outdoors without being cold. Add a few blankets to the tables and invest in some patio heaters.

Country Alfresco Dining

Decorate the outdoors

Building on your cosy space, invest in planters and flowers to make your outdoor space look inviting, welcoming and pleasant. Don’t go too overboard as you’ll find your guests will be plagued by pesky wasps during the day. But a splash of colour can go a long way from turning a drab patio space into the ideal alfresco dining experience.

Nicely Decorated Table

Add a touch of exclusivity

If something is exclusive, more people are going to want a piece of the action. This is all about making your customers feel special and giving them something no-one else can. Now you may be sat there wondering exactly how to achieve this, but it’s much easier than you may think.

A simple addition of café barriers can create a great exclusive atmosphere around your outdoor dining experience. Cordoning off your alfresco dining area will allow your customers to feel valued by your business and part of an exclusive club.

Introduce unmissable deals

The British public just can’t say no to a great deal. Why not provide an exclusive outdoor-only deal that will have your alfresco dining fully booked all week? Not only will this bring back repeat business, but will also likely encourage new customers and could lead to a very successful venture indeed.

Upgrade your service

Now it seems simple, but good customer service is the key to business success, even more so within the hospitality industry. Some restaurants make the mistake of forgetting about their outdoor customers and it’s this that can often put people off.

Quality Counts

So think about how to include your outdoor customers when providing table service. Be sure to take their order, check things are okay and offer additional drinks.

Make it family friendly

Make it a family affair

Family friendly eateries are always going to be popular – especially when pets are welcome. Some people are put off by dogs in the restaurant, or children running around, but if you make your outdoor area available to everyone, then you can reach a slightly different market whilst still pleasing your indoor regulars. Those wishing to enjoy a meal in the peace and quiet away from small children’s and dogs are indoors, and your designated family area outside will be a huge hit.

Enjoyable Al Fresco Dining