Stylish Office

How to Make Your Office More Stylish

Ensuring your office is professional is vital to establishing your business as someone who knows what they’re doing. When you have visitors come for meetings and introductions, there’s nothing worse than somewhere that doesn’t look like it takes itself very seriously.

Having said that, there’s a fine line between looking professional and looking boring. So how do you achieve that stylish middleman?

Relax the dress code

This won’t work for everyone, for example, a solicitors office won’t benefit from a dress down Friday where as a marketing company might. Think about your current dress code and how that could, not only be impacting your employee productivity, but how it could appear to your visitors.

That isn’t to say everyone should start wearing trainers, but it might be that black jeans are allowed instead of trousers and shirts can be swapped for polos.

Buy some potted plants

If you find your office is looking a little on the boring side, then maybe this is because there just isn’t enough life? Buy some potted plants to spruce up the area and provide a little sophistication. If you have employees who are allergic or suffer from hay fever, then considered an artificial alternative that will still allow you to make the most of the greenery.

Swap your whiteboard

Old standard magnetic whiteboards can start to look grey after a while and really dampen the impression your office gives. It might be that they just need a thorough clean, or it’s worth replacing old whiteboards with glass ones. Glass whiteboards will not only make you look professional but are super stylish and when not in use, still look like a great wall accessory. Plus they’re great for adding a little colour.

Glass Whiteboard

Inject some colour

Finding the balance between adding a splash of colour and looking gaudy can be difficult. Too much colour can make the place look like a circus, something you’re likely trying to avoid. If you’ve opted for a few potted plants, then this will certainly help but maybe it’s worth considering adding some colour around the office that matches your branding. This could be coloured notice boards, or glass whiteboards as already mentioned. The options are endless.

Clear the clutter

In some scenarios, too much stuff can account for an office looking cluttered and disorganised. This could be a disarray of leaflets in the visiting area or boxes left lying around because someone’s not got round to putting stuff away. If your office is feeling like it’s claustrophobic then it’s time to clear away some of the clutter and tidy up.

Replace what’s broken

Likewise if you’re a little clutters, it’s also important to replace anything that’s obviously broken. Old chairs and desks that clearly aren’t in use due to a missing leg – perhaps a little extreme – need to be replaced to help uphold a truly professional yet stylish image. Similarly, it could be that your furniture is looking outdated. Dull and boring greys and dark browns might not give the impression you want to so think about lighter colours.

Magnetic Whiteboards