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How to Make the Most of Your Portable Flag

Portable flags are great advertising tools for outdoor events, conferences, exhibitions, farmer’s markets, and high street businesses. But many companies will invest in a portable flag and not reap the benefits of such a versatile item within their marketing arsenal. So how do you make the most of your portable flag?

We’re going to look at some great ways you can maximise the impact of your flag and really benefit from displaying it. And by following our top tips below, your flag will really catch every visitor’s eye.

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Before you can do anything else, you need to identify what the purpose of your flag is; do you want it to advertise an event, advertise your company, advertise your product or something else entirely? Understanding the purpose of your flag and knowing what you want to achieve with it will help make everything else seem easier.


Of course, you’ll need to include your logo to ensure everyone knows who you are.

Flags are great tools for making a statement and standing out from the crowd. This often means visitors can see them heads and shoulders above everything else, so you need to ensure you clearly display who you are – and whilst your adding your logo, think about how big it is, whether it’s readable, if the quality is good enough (to avoid it being blurry) and if it clearly states who you are.

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Whilst all your other marketing materials are going to be seamlessly branded with the correct colours, your flag should be no different. But whilst it can be really tempting to use big and bold colours that are associated with your company, also think about the readability of the text and your logo on the flag – some colours can make this difficult and so it may be best to consult with a designer.


In the final design tip for making the most of your flag, you need to think about your message. Having already identified the purpose of your flag, positioned the logo and added the colour, it’s now important to finalise the message. This comes back to wanting to know what you want to say – if the flag is for an event, then your messaging is likely to be quite simple. If it’s for a product, things could get a little more complicated – how much information do you include? Is there a picture? Do you need specifications?

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Once your flag has been produced and it’s ready to go, you now need to think about location. It’s obvious that you’ll want to ensure it’s in the best possible place for the most people to see it, but be carefully that it’s not obstructing any key information that you may have displayed elsewhere.

Test it

But that’s not it. Although you might be happy with where you’ve put your flag, you need to test it. Try different locations and see how this impacts visitors, if you have the budget, test out different designs and see how they draw people in. Testing and trialling different designs or positions can really help you to make the most of your flag.

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