How to Maximise Your Promotion This Easter

Easter is an extremely busy time of year for retailers, but the opportunity to increase revenue can be overlooked by those who don’t offer traditional Easter products (such as chocolate eggs). With both school and public holidays occurring, the footfall of consumers is often higher – so why not take advantage of this, and use promotional advertising to convert said footfall into sales?

Promotional advertising can be varied in its style and usage; there really is something that works for every type of retail business, no matter the style of premises. From outdoor signage to information stands, here are five different ways to maximise your promotion this Easter:

Pavement Signs

Pavement signs are an excellent place to start, given the increased amount of people who may be visiting the area around your premises, over Easter weekend. Grabbing the attention of passers-by can help bring visitors to you, particularly if you’re in a busy area or high street locale. This is an even more effective form of promotional advertising if the temperature is pleasant, so be sure to keep an eye on the Easter weather forecast!

Examples of Pavement Signs

Outdoor Poster Cases and Frames

Another outdoor promotional solution, and one that works come rain or shine. With covered poster cases or frames, you’re able to display more written information than with a pavement sign; this is a great option if you are offering a special promotion, deal or menu for the Easter period, or need to include more imagery or information than usual.

Indoor Poster Frames

The perfect way to add promotional materials at eye-level, or on empty wall space, indoor posters can be striking, without feeling invasive. Choosing a poster frame with an anti-glare cover sheet will ensure that your poster can still be seen, even in brightly-lit areas. Consider placing posters near relevant seasonal displays – Easter is the perfect time for this.

Menu and Sign Holders

Tabletop sign holders can be invaluable for many different businesses. Traditionally, restaurants or cafes may want to place menu or sign holders on individual tables, as patrons will often read the information in front of them while waiting for their order. Considering that many families and individuals will go out to eat around the Easter period, this seems like a no-brainer. Tabletop signs can also be placed in other prominent locations, such as point-of-sale, to catch the attention of customers and hopefully increase sales or help up-sell products.

Information Stands

As we’ve established, Easter is an extremely busy time of year in retail, and therefore, queues may be longer than normal. Placing information stands near queues can help enhance the customer experience, and affords a potential promotional opportunity for a captive audience. There are various information stands that work for different areas and types of business – from basic but effective snap frames, to tablet holders for a more interactive experience.

Information Stands

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