Whiteboard Cleaning Tips

Investing in a whiteboard for the office is great, but it’s only when it starts to get old and worn can your once gleaming whiteboard turn into a grubby eyesore on the wall. Even worse could be the moment one of your employees uses a permanent marker by mistake and your workplace investment is forever marked. How do you get the permanent marker off and restore your whiteboard to its former glory? Here’s the secret.

How to remove permanent marker

If your office whiteboard has fallen prey to a stray permanent marker, then it’s likely you’re not only feeling annoyed about the whole incident, but considering whether the whiteboard should be replaced.

However, just because a permanent marker has been used in error, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of your whiteboard. There is, in fact, an easy way to remove this blemish and restore your whiteboard to its former brilliant white.

removing pen from Whiteboards

Step 1

Find a normal dry marker. It may be a good idea to try and stash the permanent one away somewhere, or send an email round to alert employees to this mistake and ask them to be more careful in future.

Step 2

You want to use the dry marker to scribble over the permanent ink. Be sure to cover every millimetre of permanent marker with dry marker scribbles. If you miss a bit, then it’s likely not to come off.


Step 3

Find a dry eraser or whiteboard wipe and clean away the pen. Be sure to clean thoroughly and use the appropriate cleaning accessories for best results.

Step 4

If not all of the pen has cleaned away correctly or if there are still some marks left, then repeat steps 1-3 to ensure that the permanent marker has been completely removed.

Step 5

Give the whiteboard a thorough clean with some cleaning solution.

Actually, doing this on a regular basis will help to maintain the whiteboard’s good condition and give it a longer lifespan. This will also work to dispel any grubby marks or stains and keep it a pristine white.

Correct maintenance is key

Maintaining your whiteboard with the correct care is incredibly important to ensuring that you get the most for your money. Continually replacing the whiteboard is not a viable option, particularly in larger organisations.

It may be worth ensuring the office manager, or a team leader who regularly uses the whiteboard, routinely cleans it once a month or so.

This is especially important if certain information is left on the board for long periods of time as this can lead to stains that are hard to remove. Using the steps mentioned above to remove stubborn marks can also be an effective solution and help to keep your whiteboard in good condition.

If you are concerned about the condition of your whiteboard, and are looking to invest in the correct cleaning equipment, take a look at our whiteboard accessories.

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