Planner Whiteboard

Purchasing a whiteboard for your office is a great investment and one that can have a whole host of benefits, including; improving team collaboration, creating a focal point and boosting employee morale. However, sometimes a new whiteboard can go unused simply because your employees don’t know how to use it.

This blog post is going to look at how and why you should turn your new magnetic whiteboard into the ultimate planner.


Communication is key in any business, and if communication falls at a single hurdle, it can create disastrous consequences. A lack of communication in any business can lead to wasted money, mistakes and in some scenarios, putting your very private data at risk.

For each scenario mentioned above, businesses will need unique plans in place to overcome these risks. Creating a main, central planner using one of your whiteboards is just one way to create synergy between team members and departments.

How to do it

There are a number of ways you can turn your whiteboard into a planner in order to make the most of the space, and here we’re going to take a look at some of the most straight forward options.

Gridding tape

The obvious answer is to purchase some whiteboard accessories, including gridding tape. Depending on the type planner you’re going for, you can also invest in magnetic shapes to help create an easy to follow code that everyone can understand.

Whiteboard gridding tape is a very versatile product and can be used without causing damage to the whiteboard. The array of colours can also help to create a more colourful and interesting board that teams are more likely to interact with.

Gridding Tape

Permanent marker

If you really want to keep things simple, then there’s nothing stopping you from using permanent marker to create your planner. If you know that the planner is likely to be in place for a long time – perhaps you’ve trialled it with the gridding tape – then there’s no harm in using a sharpie to make those grid lines permanent. This will also prevent the planner from being rubbed off my mistake.

Ultimately, if you’re then ever in a position where you need to remove the permanent marker, you can always use our handy guide here.

Permanent Marker Pens

Combination boards

Depending on the purpose of your planner, the above two solutions are likely to be enough. However, many businesses are looking for a simple planner on the one hand and a collaborative note-taking space on the other.

Combination Boards

This is easily achievable with the combination board. Combining the best of both worlds, this option enables you to create the ideal planner on the whiteboard using one of the above mentioned methods, whilst also enabling employees to utilise the corkboard space on the other. This can be particularly useful when employees want to include important information to upcoming events without adding to the planner. Perhaps there is a meeting due and the available minutes are made available by tacking them to the board?

Whatever the situation, utilising the two sides of the board can create a more harmonious planner for everyone involved.

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